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Contrary to what the name suggests, Dutch Hospital is far from a hospital. It is one of the most famous landmarks in the city of Colombo and seems to be a popular hangout spot for folks who love to go out and let loose every now and then.

The landmark derives its name from the fact that the building complex used to be a hospital when the country was under the rule of the Dutch. The colonial-era building complex has been restored and fixed up and now is home to a number of shops, cafes and restaurants. The architecture of the buildings resembles the colonial style and this unique look is one of the reasons why the landmark is known so popularly among the crowd of Colombo.

The Dutch Hospital is located in Colombo Fort and what you will experience is truly like no other. Whether you want to indulge in some retail therapy, dine at a fancy restaurant or dance to some groovy music on a Friday night, Dutch Hospital offers it all.

If you find yourself wanting to check out the nightlife in Colombo or wanting to grab a cold one with a friend during your stay in Colombo, we highly encourage visiting the Dutch Hospital.


Indulge In Delicious Food

The Dutch Hospital is home to a number of amazing restaurants so if you’re feeling like going for a fancy dinner with a friend to celebrate your night in Colombo, we urge you to definitely pick from the choices that you get at the Dutch Hospital.

From sushi at Ikoi Tei to a quick bite at the Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café, you will have a plethora of options to choose from.

Sri Lanka is also famously known for their seafood so it’d be a shame to miss out on indulging on the mouthwatering dishes on the menu at the Ministry of Crab. If you want to try the best of the best in terms of Sri Lankan seafood, you should definitely pay a visit.


Enjoy Hospital Street

Situated behind the Dutch Hospital, the Hospital Street comes alive on Friday nights and the party continues on throughout the weekends during the night. The area is also home to many pubs and bars and they receive a lot of traction throughout the weekends as everyone from locals to tourists gathers here to enjoy the live music and the ambience.

Not far from the street is the open courtyard of the Dutch Hospital and this space is often filled with crowds as they always have some sort of even going on whether it is a live band playing or some type of other events.


Enjoy Retail Therapy

If you want to enjoy some retail therapy during your time in Colombo, the Dutch Hospital is a great place to visit as the place is home to Barefoot Gallery Café, Heladiv Tea Club and a plethora of other options that you can choose from.

This is the ideal place to pick up some souvenirs to remind you of your trip before you head back to your home country. You can easily find anything from clothing items to handicrafts and artwork in this place.

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