Why Tourists Prefer Galle Over Colombo 0 228

Why Tourists Prefer Galle Over Colombo 0 229

Colombo, the commercial capital is crowded with people and vehicles. It’s constantly  smothered in exhaust fumes, and constant horning from impatient drivers. Head a few kilometres south and you’ll find the old town of Galle, historically preserved in an invisible bubble. Hotels in Galle, Sri Lanka are easy to find and range from budget friendly to luxury properties, making it a major plus points for travellers! Here are some other reasons why tourists prefer Galle over Colombo.

Zero Pollution

If it’s your first or 50th time walking along the cobbled streets of Galle, you’ll know that the air is only the fresh, salty sea breeze. Walking around is Galle is enjoyable at any time of the day and unlike Colombo, there’s no noise or air pollution. Say good-bye to exhaust fumes and noisy bus drivers who seem to use their horns more than their brakes! It’s almost as if Galle was protected under some bubble from Colombo.

Budget Accommodation

Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel, budget-accommodation or a homestay in Sri Lanka, you’ll have a variety to choose from. Always book in advance to save you from any trouble of looking for one when you’re there! Spend more time on exploring Galle rather than looking for a place to sleep for the night. Accommodation within the fort is easy to find, if you know where to look. Yoho Church Street and Yoho Light House Street are located inside the fort!


Clean Beaches

Walking along the ramparts with the sun warming up your skin, you’ll notice something blue and transparent. With some disbelief, you’ll finally admit that it is in fact the ocean! Especially, if you’re used to Colombo’s popular beaches, i.e. Mount Lavinia or Wellawatte, you’ll find tons of garbage from plastics to glass just lying around the once-golden shores. The beach, just below the historic Galle Fort is so clean and clear that it resembles the old Windows screensaver. If you want to dip your toes in, walk towards the Galle Lighthouse, where you’ll see some steps towards the back of the lighthouse. Descend those and voila! A clean, beach that won’t give you some sort of skin disease* (*exaggerated a tad).


We know it’s pretty much the same sun and sky, but did you know, no two sunsets are the same? Colombo does have its fair share of great sunsets especially from a rooftop bar but try watching a sunset from the ramparts of Galle Fort.  The ideal spot is from the ramparts closer to the Galle Lighthouse. To add to the charm of the whole setting, the blinding lights from the lighthouse switch on the moment dusk hits.

#YohoTip Tried and tested. It’s by far the most breath-taking and super romantic if you’ve got your partner next to you.

A Street of Boutique Restaurants

As far as boutique restaurants on cobbled streets go, Pedlar’s Street is one of the most popular streets to walk down in Galle. Park Street Mews in Colombo comes close to this experience but is a bit over budget for several travellers. Down Pedlar’s Street, you’ll find Pedlar’s Inn Café and Restaurant, The Original Rocket Burger, Kurundu Café, The Kitchen Galle Fort, Punto Café and many more.

#YohoTip The Original Rocket Burger has the best, mouth-watering burgers in town at affordable prices! Burgers start from Rs. 500 and we recommend dining-in instead of take-away.

No Street Harassment

A common problem for many in Colombo – street harassment is widespread and downright annoying. This ‘disease’, luckily has not spread to the beautiful old town of Galle. Tourists usually wear just about anything that’s comfortable and ‘this season’, without worry from any harassers. Not only does it give the visitor a peace of mind, but it’s also feels completely safe to walk around by yourself. Here’s a quick guide for solo travellers to the island.

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