Why Consider Solo Travel In Sri Lanka (and What To Expect) 0 245

Why Consider Solo Travel In Sri Lanka (and What To Expect) 0 246


With travel trends picking up, solo travel is high on the bucket list of travel trend setters. Sri Lanka is one of those destinations where you can experience a lot more and get right into the heart and soul of the island if you explore it at your own pace and in your own style. That’s right – solo travel in Sri Lanka is more than just a great idea; it’s an experience that will mould your character, open your eyes to a whole new perspective and change your life completely.

So, if Sri Lanka is literally calling your name but your travel buddies are not up for it, don’t break a sweat. In fact, you’ve got a glorious opportunity to finally travel solo and plan a trip to Sri Lanka that you will well and truly cherish. But if the entire idea of going solo seems too daunting, put your doubts away – we’ve got your back!

Why opt for solo travel in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka may be a tiny island, but following the end of a three-decade civil war, this beautiful island is starting to get noticed by the backpacking world. And it’s really easy to see why – as a treasure trove filled with untouched wilderness, intriguing history, glorious beaches, top-notch accommodation and incredibly friendly locals, Sri Lanka ticks all the boxes of a perfect tropical holiday destination.

YohoTip: If you’re wondering if solo travel is a good option for female travellers, make sure you read our complete safety tip guide here.

How to kick start your solo adventure?

While there are plenty of places to travel in Sri Lanka, for the solo traveller in particular, Negombo is a great place to start your adventure. In fact, no Sri Lanka holiday guide is complete without a stop to this charming fishing village. It’s also the closest beach resort to the international airport, so this would be your ideal first stop.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Negombo fish market as you see the hard-working fishermen haul in their day’s catch and this is a truly humbling experience. Or if you’re looking for more of a touristy experience, walk along the famous Negombo beaches, explore the attractions of the city or simply chill before you delve right into your solo adventure.

Where to stay?

Since solo travel is all about you and the destination, you can choose accommodation based on your personal preferences and budget. If you’re looking for something easier on your wallet, there are plenty of budget hotels in Negombo to choose from or you could opt for a fancy hotel room if you’re up for some indulgence. You could even go for homestays if you want to live life like a true local.

Getting around Sri Lanka solo-style

Since solo travel is all about the intimate and personal experiences, you don’t have to rely on taxis or cabs when travelling around Sri Lanka. Rather, opt for public transportation to get around the country and train rides are truly epic. Besides, it’s a great way to make some new locals friends too. It’s all about gathering new experiences after all, right?

In the end, solo travel is all about breathing, relaxing and enjoying the ride. And at the end of your solo adventure, we guarantee that you will fall headlong in love with the culture, history, beauty and hospitality of Sri Lanka and learn some valuable life lessons along the way too.

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