Why should you Travel to Sri Lanka in March? 0 160

Why should you Travel to Sri Lanka in March? 0 161


Whatever you would expect from an island located close to the Equator comes true in Sri Lanka. With year-round beautiful weather, lush forests and vegetation, endemic flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world and a culture thriving around the sea. In March, however, everything becomes significantly better and staying at budget hotels in Sri Lanka is quite the experience.

A month where the summer begins to bask the south-west of the island in beautiful sunshine, while the north-east welcomes pleasant rains, March is a great time to travel to Sri Lanka indeed. In fact, finding a budget accommodation in Sri Lanka in March is also relatively easy since it is usually the last month of the tourist season making discounted rates quite common. Here’s a deeper look at why you should travel to Sri Lanka in March:

The weather in March offers the best of both worlds

Sri Lanka is blessed with two monsoons: the Yala or the south-west monsoon lasting from April to September, and the secondary Maha monsoon or the north-east monsoon, which lasts from November to March. Thus, if you travel to Sri Lanka in March, cities on the south-west coast, such as Colombo, will be experiencing the approaching monsoon winds, bringing in respite from the heat despite abundant sunshine. On the east coast, the other monsoon is nearing its end. Thus, you can enjoy the best of Sri Lanka without having to get trapped in heavy inclement weather and the summer heat.

The Medin Poya 

The Medin Poya festival is a highly venerated event for the majority Buddhist population in the country. It is a festival that celebrates the day that marks the return of Buddha to his homeland in order to preach enlightenment to his father. Flocks of tourists and citizens gather in Colombo to partake in the festivities, and if you are visiting the country in March, you can count yourself blessed to be a participant in this occasion.

The Hot Air Balloon Festival makes March a great month for adventure enthusiasts

For ten days in March, hot air balloons steered by participants and adventurers from world over partake in the Sri Lankan Hot Air Balloon Festival. The route involved passes through the majestic ruins of Sigiriya, the historic city of Kandy, and the urban metropolis of Colombo, interspersed with the gorgeous Sri Lankan countryside. For adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts, there is no better way to explore the beauty of Sri Lanka.

Hotels are available at discounted rates

Since March usually represents the last month of the season, one can enjoy Sri Lanka without much hustle and bustle. This also means that you get to enjoy some fine accommodations in the country, such as Yoho Vipulananda, one of the best hotels in Trincomalee Sri Lanka. The hotel is located near the evergreen beaches of Uppuvelli and Nilaveli. What’s more, you can have the entire sand and the sun to yourself!

It’s time to ‘March’ to Sri Lanka, then!

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