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Sri Lanka is the ultimate dream destination for a holiday and if you’ve ever researched about the country or thought of travelling there, you will definitely know this to be very true. It is a beautiful country filled with scenic places and interesting activities to engage in.

Travelling to Sri Lanka isn’t a big ordeal but a little bit of pre-planning wouldn’t do you any harm as it will help you get more done in terms of sightseeing and really experiencing the country for its beauty and splendour.

If you’re keen on learning a bit about what you should know before embarking on a trip to the little paradise island, we have some information listed below that will definitely help make your experience hassle-free and more wholesome.


Suns Out

If one of your goals is to return back to your home country with a good tan, you’ve picked the right destination for you because Sri Lanka offers sunny days and bright skies all throughout the year and it is the perfect epitome of the perfect summer.

Even if the area that you’re in isn’t filled with bright skies, rest assured you can be sure that the sun is beaming and at its fullest in some other area of the country. The coastal areas are best if you want to lie out by the beach.


Visa Is Required

Only Seychelles, Singapore and Maldives nationals are allowed to enter into the country without a visa so if you’re from any other country than the ones listed above, you should definitely look into getting your visa sorted out before packing your bags.

Applying for visa won’t be a whole ordeal. You can even apply through e-visa so there really isn’t a lot of hassle that you will have to go through in order to get the visa.


Cup Of Tea

Sri Lanka is known widely for their tea exports industry and some of the best tea’s that are sold all over the world are sourced from the tea fields all across the little paradise island. Enjoying a cup of tea is something that you should definitely do during your trip to the country.

It is also an amazing experience to pay a visit to the upcountry areas of the country where the climate is chillier and there are tea fields that span across acres and acres of land. The tea fields and the magnificent nature that surrounds makes up for some scenic views that will make you feel like you’re living an absolute dream.

The above-mentioned information will definitely help you in your time of preparation. It will definitely help brace you for your travels and get you in the right mindset for travelling and experiencing all that the country has to offer.

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