What to Expect when Staying at a Yoho Bed Property 0 264

What to Expect when Staying at a Yoho Bed Property 0 265

Welcome to Sri Lanka – the land of hospitality, warmth, beauty, and delightful experiences. As you travel across this serene but sensational island you will find the promise of many memories you’re likely to cherish for the rest of your life. When you choose to stay at one of the 500+ Yoho Bed properties you’re also likely to find the fulfilment of our promise to become part of your wonderful travels.

So what can you expect when you choose from one of our vast network of properties? Here’s a glimpse of the array of services we provide and our assurance.

A Warm Welcome

Yoho Bed promises you the true warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality throughout your stay with us. Right from the moment you step into one of our properties you shall experience the ease and comfort that we aspire to provide you. Professional and efficient service staff, minimal wait time, easy check in, great smiles – these are the benchmarks we have set ourselves.

The Authentic Sri Lankan Experience

Travelling across Sri Lanka is much more than experiencing the country’s sights and sounds. At Yoho Bed we attempt to provide you a glimpse of the local life. Authentic local cuisine, cultural events, celebration of local festivals, and the presence of local guides and staff help you interact with Sri Lankans, discover local favourites, the best places to shop or dine, and the ensure you make the most of your time here with us.

Comfort at its Best

Start your morning with a wholesome, scrumptious breakfast, find a spacious and fully air conditioned bedroom and clean and hygienic bathroom – these are some of the standardised services we promise to deliver every time you check in to a Yoho Bed property in any location. Some of our properties come with fully-equipped kitchenettes for your convenience. Great value for money is part of the Yoho Bed promise. No matter if you are a family, a solo traveller, or on a business trip – Yoho Bed is the best choice you can make.

Technology at your Service

At Yoho Bed we focus on technology to deliver you the best value for money. We showcase multiple stay options at the best rates you can find. Technology is the tool we rely on to deliver the best in hospitality and operations. Be it connecting you to the rest of the world through free WiFi or bringing better service and customer support, we are digitally driven.

A Dedicated Friend

We, at Yoho Bed, offer highly personalised stays taking utmost care of you needs. Do feel free to inform us of your special dietary needs and other requirements. Each one of these will be cared for by our friendly staff. We encourage mingling among guests by arranging for special events (on occasions) and also enhance opportunities for interaction with the locals. This will ensure you add colourful tales to your Sri Lankan story. Above all, you will always have a trusted friend in Yoho bed.

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