We are Giving you More Reasons to Sleep With Us 0 214

We are Giving you More Reasons to Sleep With Us 0 215

Are you the type to be wary of what you find online? Are you also the type to equate what you find online to something that might be dodgy? Well, not to worry. You are not alone and as the first Sri Lankan hospitality company to build a branded network of premium budget hotels, we want people to believe in purchasing online and we want to convince those who sleep with us that we offer nothing but the best of quality comfort stays at affordable rates.

While we do have a dedicated section for some of our frequently asked questions, let’s go through some of the real questions you really want answers for.

How do I know if what I am paying for is legit?

Our payment systems are secured. We have partnered with one of Sri Lanka’s leading commercial banks, Sampath Bank who vouches for all payments made via Visa and Mastercard. All details you share with us are also secured by “Secure Certificate Authority (256-bit encryption). This complies with the strongest identity authentication standard available today.” Also, the largest team at Yoho Bed is in fact the tech guys so don’t worry, we got your back.

Are the rooms clean and free from roaches?

Okay now, after our largest tech team, is our team who goes out to acquire properties. These are the individuals who are actually responsible for the rooms you sleep in (just in case you were looking for someone to blame!). Our acquiring team follows a meticulous vetting process that would ensure the cleanliness of rooms and yes, free from roaches. Also if you haven’t seen enough of our brand promise already, “Spotless linen” and “Clean washrooms” are actually a thing we stick by religiously.

Are you selling me shady rooms?

No! Our acquiring team sees to these things and ensures that the accommodation options we partner with are safe and obviously, not shady. Sometimes the surrounding areas leading up to the Yoho Bed property might look a little dodge, but trust us when we tell you that we won’t send you to places you shouldn’t be!

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