Water Sports around the Island 0 289

Water Sports around the Island 0 290

Anytime in the year is a good time to enjoy the water sports in Sri Lanka, a rush of adrenaline or just some simple fun in the water.

Here’s your guide to enjoy a sport of your choice.

  • Whitewater rafting

An excellent recreation for the young and young in spirit, white water rafting in Kithulgala takes you for an adventurous ride through natural water bodies. There are 3 levels ranging from 2 – 5 rapids. A one-day packages offering a round of rafting and a simple snack costs LKR 1,500 for locals and USD 30 for foreigners.

  • Jet Skiing

A favourite in the waters of the Indian Ocean, skiing is a sport enjoyed in many beaches around the island. Negombo, Mirissa, Bentota and Unawatuna are amongst the best places for skiing. A 15-minute on the Jet Ski is priced at around LKR 3,500 for locals and up to LKR 5,000 for foreigners.

  • Banana boat

This family-favourite is an ideal outdoor activity for all ages. You can choose a slow, breezy ride into the lagoon or lake, or a thrilling adventure of splashes and wind. For LKR 6,000 you can enjoy a 6 people boat ride and have lots of fun.

  • Donut ride

The one wild adventure for those who dare! Think you can handle the adrenaline rush of being dragged on the waters by a motorbike with only an inflatable donut to hang onto? The Negombo Lagoon is an ideal location to indulge in this adventure. Thrilling packages are available for USD 32 but a single donut ride costs LKR 1,000.

  • Sofa ride

To multiply the wild adventure or cut it down in shares, there is the Sofa Ride that accommodates up to four people (LKR 1,000 per head) on this thrilling ride through the waters. Grab the craziest group and go for it (and if you see a crocodile, don’t forget to shout).

  • Kayaking and canoeing (LKR 1,000 per person for 2 to 4 people)

With Sri Lanka’s wealth of water bodies including 103 rivers, means of getting across the water is nothing new. Kayaking and canoeing are available in many areas regions including Kithulgala, Negambo, Mirrissa and Althugama for LKR 1000 per person.  A single canoe accommodates 2 – 4 persons and specifications can be discussed with the local staff who are ever-ready to tell you a little more about the waters of the region.

Pick your favourite and wade through the exciting water sports around the island, but be warned: if you are not accustomed to regular physical activity, your muscles will ache even as your mind enjoys the great experience. So it would be best not to plan to drive back long distances and check in at an accommodation nearby. Yoho Bed offers the best budget rooms with clean linen to relax (and be ready for water adventure the next day) without taking a toll on your pocket. The strong WiFi will be an added advantage if you want to flaunt your adventures on social media.

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