Vital Self-Defense Techniques for Travellers 0 275

Vital Self-Defense Techniques for Travellers 0 276


You should always know how to take care of yourself, especially when you’re travelling. Exploring unfamiliar places and meeting new people means that you are vulnerable to dangerous individuals as well as unwanted situations. Being equipped with self-defense skills can be critical to your safety in a new place. Solo travellers, especially females, should be in the know of how to stay secure if they are in danger.

Nighttime is when the criminals prey on their victims. Simply avoiding dangerous routes or spots in a city are not enough to guarantee your safety. Whether you’re residing at one of our hotels in Rajagiriya or Kandy, being fully aware and having a self-defense plan can add that layer of security when you travel. While taking self-defense classes is the best way to get trained and learn how to land that perfect hook or a jab to the abdomen, there are some basic yet effective techniques which could make all the difference in emergency situations:

  1. Upper thrust to the nose

Imagine you’re walking towards your Batticola accommodation at night after a great evening out, and someone appears and tries to attack you from the front. Spot your attacker’s nose and hit with an upward palm strike. It can cause intense pain and eyes to immediately water, giving you time to escape.

  1.  Head-butt

Another way to disable your attackers is by head-butting them. A split second move, this involves grabbing your opponent’s apparel neckline/collar, pushing back and jerking forward. This disengages their shoulders which in turn opens up the arms and that can give you space for your headbutt. Raise your cranium against their face, hitting hard. The pain will be blinding enough for them to give you more than enough time to escape.

  1.  Poke in the eye

Accidental pokes in the eye are extremely painful, but imagine the pain when they are done on purpose. This is one of the more effective moves to disarm your opponent.

  1.  Kick from the ground

If you find yourself on the floor or on the ground, quickly judge the distance between you and the attacker, and kick hard on the knees. If they’re standing right above, kick them with both feet at the same time; be sure to thrust your hip off the floor to provide that extra momentum.

  1.  S.I.N.G

Hitting key targets on a person’s body swiftly can be instrumental in grounding them. Remembering the S.I.N.G, as popularly referred to in the Hollywood movie Miss Congeniality, is extremely effective when somebody has you in a grip from behind. You aim for the four key areas – solar plexus, instep, nose and groin. Elbowing in the solar plexus, jamming your heel on their toes, back fist to the noise and a blow to the groin is effective enough to free yourself from the assailant’s clutches.

Although you don’t want to get into a situation where these skills come in handy, yet these are important factors in determining how safe you will be at any given time. Sri Lanka, the beautiful island nation is by no means a dangerous country to visit, but when it comes to self-defense you should rather be prepared than not.

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