Away from it all in the Village of Kandalama 0 296

Away from it all in the Village of Kandalama 0 297

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Have you ever dreamt of shutting the world out and driving yourself away to a place where you can only hear your own breathing and the rustling of leaves? If you have and if you are looking for such a place, keep Kandalama in mind. The area is serene, green and promises an intimate time with nature.

The Approach to Kandalama

Once you swerve away from the main road that plies to Dambulla, the road takes you back in time about three decades; the lifestyles seem simple, villagers seem a tad out of touch with modernity and there is a refreshing dearth of the sounds of motors and machines. This road beholds the gorgeous Kandalama Lake and some breathtaking evergreens of both the intermediate and dry zone in Sri Lanka, as Kandalama lies at the border of the zones. There is a small school, tiny row of boutiques, many footpaths and gravel roads amidst the wilderness in the area. In spite of the difficulty of reaching certain points by car, all tourists prefer to see the forestry untouched.

The Locality

Kimbissa, home to the world renowned rock fortress Sigiriya and the area of Dambulla famous for its Rock Temple are the better known neighbours of Kandalama where you will find additional accommodation options. However, while admiring the Kandalama hotel architecture, keep in mind to enjoy the vistas that surround it including Sigiriya. The area has some modest restaurants and eateries where you could easily find a meal for about LKR 200. It includes some very Sri Lankan snacks like tapioca chips, prawn wadei and coconut toffees; all of which are reasonably priced.

The Must Sees

Besides the acclaimed Kandalama hotel, other most spoken of places include the Kalu Diya Pokuna Forest and Pokuna (pond) itself. “Kalu diya” (black water) as the name suggests is a natural pond with black water. Interestingly, the forestry around it has also derived its name. Around the 2BC, there had been a monastery in this forest and to date its remains can be seen. The fauna and flora in the forest are diverse and some are endemic; a truly delightful and tranquil atmosphere to soothe your soul and calm your mind.

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