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There can be plenty of unnecessary pressure placed on Valentine’s Day, a day that may be welcome to some, and stressful for others. But it shouldn’t be an anxiety-inducing day. It’s a day essentially to celebrate love though it has been highly commercialized to a level that gift-giving now feels like a competition. 

While we agree that any kind of relationship takes a lifetime of effort and one day is just not enough to celebrate such a vital emotion as rightfully quoted by, J. K. Rowling, “Love is the strongest power there is” we also agree that we need to take at least one day out of our lives to celebrate the emotion in itself. 

This year, be it love for your other half, family, friends or even your pet celebrate it with an experience gift.  Listed below are some ideas on how to rekindle the flame of love this Valentine’s Day:

With your significant other.

  • A road trip to the significant landmarks that made up your love story. Recalling all the beautiful memories from where you first met each other to your first date and every other place that are memorable to your relationship. Since this year valentines day is followed by a weekend you might be able to stretch it through the weekend.
  • Play tourist: Surprise your loved one with a trip to any destination on the island that they have been intending to visit or somewhere that they might find interesting and explore it together.  
  • Is there any common sport or hobby that you enjoy as a couple but life happened and the habit just dropped somewhere in between work and other commitments? If so why not try again, for example, if squash (the sport) was your thing book a squash court for about an hour and enjoy the sport that you left behind and the memories it held. 

Tip: Remember to book the next session before leaving the venue to ensure the habit continues.

  • A romantic home-cooked dinner perhaps. With the availability of artificial candles with a bulb instead of a flame, you can enjoy the romantic setting without the fear of melting under the heat or having something catch fire. Or set up a barbecue and enjoy an outdoor meal

With your Family.

  • Since this Valentine’s Day is followed by a weekend why not treat your family to a weekend getaway preferably at a villa or a boutique hotel so there’s a smaller crowd or preferably just your family ensuring that your family has access to a public area where everyone can chat or play games that are family favorites (Jenga or UNO is ours).
  • If it is not usually possible to have the entire family free for an entire weekend why not make it a day trip. Check into a villa about an hours drive away from your home and spend some quality time pool access would really help keep the kids occupied. Or you can move the entire party to the pool.

With your pet

Let’s face it some of us are much happier with our pets than we are at any other time. While Sri Lanka has hardly any pet-friendly spots with those that claim to be pet-friendly essentially having a small fenced area outside for pets. But here are some suggestions. 

  • Tayo bear: if you are the pooch kind of person take your pup to Tayo Bear and treat him/her to actual organic treats for your pet. They even have human food. So you’ll be able to have a real date with your pet. 
  • Haven’t found enough time to walk your pet in a while? Why not pack a picnic for your self and your four-legged friend/s and enjoy it with some games and fun under the sun.

Tip: invite other friends/family with pets for added fun.

With friends:

Grab a couple of other singletons and celebrate being single.

  • Plan an outing with your friends perhaps a day outing with some exciting adventure in store such as jet skiing, paintball, kayaking or just spend the day chilling or hit us up and we’ll arrange it for you.
  • Host a party for your friends and celebrate a kind of love that is very much undermined, the one among friends. The kind that doesn’t have to talk to each other every day. The kind that can go without talking to each other for weeks and yet be carry on like as if the weeks of comfortable silence never happened.

In conclusion:

No matter what you plan on doing this Valentines Day continue to spread love and joy. To quote Albus Dumbledore, from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows “Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.” 

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