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Sri Lanka has gained more traction over the last years for being a very popular tourist destination for folks all around the globe. One of the reasons why this little paradise island makes for a great tourist destination is because of all there is to see. When in Sri Lanka, you’re sure to witness everything from mountain ranges and green lands for acres on end to serene beaches that make you feel as if you’re living in a dream.

Even though Sri Lanka seems so small in comparison to other countries on the world map, the truth is, it isn’t as small as you would think. To top all of that, the country has a lot of sites and attractions that you ought to see during your stay.

For those of you wondering about which sightseeing areas and attractions to add to your travel itinerary, we have mentioned a few of the places that we think you must visit during your stay on the island.


Go On A Trek

The country is made up of high points and low points so there are plenty of options if you want to go on a hike or a trek. Truth be told, hiking or trekking through some dense forests or a mountain range is something that you definitely should experience during your stay in Sri Lanka.

The country is made up of a lot of mountain ranges so if you’re a thrill seeker who wants to experience life from the great view points, this little island is the perfect match for you. From little Adams peak to the lions rock, there are so many that you can chose from.

Some of the most popular mountain ranges are Litte Adams Peak, lions rock, Sigiriya rock, knuckles mountain range and much more are available to you.


Dip Your Toes

If you’ve never had the opportunity to bask in the Indian ocean, there is nothing quite like it so you definitely must try this out during your trip to Sri Lanka. As Sri Lanka is known to be an island, there are many beaches all across the country that you can freely visit at any time.

From the beaches in Mirissa to the beaches in Weligama, there is ample amounts of beaches to visit and enjoy during your trip. Even in the northeast coast area, there are beautiful beaches that are worth a visit during your stay.


A History Lesson

If you’re keen on learning a little bit about the cultural aspect of the country and learning about its history, you definitely should visit the cultural triangle of the country as there are many sites and places that have years and years of history.

Taking a bit of time to learn a bit  about the history of the country will definitely help give you a fresh perspective of the country and it will just tie your whole experience in Sri Lanka together.

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