Travel Packing Guide for Boys 0 299

Travel Packing Guide for Boys 0 300

While most (if not all!) girls love packing and the joy that comes with prepping for a trip, let’s be honest, not all boys can be as organised when it comes to travelling. However, that does not stop them from getting together and going on holidays, adventures with their buddies. When it comes to packing there are few tips we can follow so you guys don’t exhaust yourself carrying too much or too less. Packing, planning and preparing in general are hectic so to make things a little easier we have put together a travelling packing list for all you boys. But remember this is a basic list and based on your destination the clothing will differ and as this is a starter list, there can be add-ons based on individual preferences.

Some of the must-have clothes for boys include:

  • Light coloured cotton t-shirts (absorbs the sun, keeps mosquitos away and easy to wash)
  • A shirt or two (semi-formal with buttons because what if you dine at some place fancy)
  • Shorts or three quarter swim shorts (where you use for daytime and bath time)
  • Cargo pants or combat pants (anything with extra pockets)
  • A sarong (most South Asians own at least one)

These clothes can be mixed and matched and repeated, which means you won’t be carrying excessive clothing in your bags. Along with them the essentials would be the pyjamas, underwear, socks, under vest, a hoodie for cold nights, towel , cap, handkerchief, lightweight sneakers, comfortable slides or sandals and a laundry bag.

You can carry these either in a backpack or travelling bag. If there is a possibility, do get some packing cubes as not only would this organise your clothes but it would also save space. The other essentials will remain the same wherever you go, male or female and these include: 

The gadgets – camera, tripod, travel charger, power bank, portable USB wires, headphones,  spare batteries, a music device such as an iPod if you want to save up on mobile battery

Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, soap or shower gel, shampoo sachets, cotton buds, deodorant, hair gel or cream, comb or hairbrush 

Travel medication and first aid – A few basic medication that would go in a first aid box, plasters, bandages, cotton wool, surgical spirit and an army knife

Others – a book to read, notebook and pen, sleeping mask, ear plugs, lighter, torch, travel screwdriver and any thing else that would entertain you

We have also put together a packing list below that you will be able to download and check off as you go.

Where to?

There are a few places that boys can go tripping at and a favourite is definitely, Habarana. A small town that belongs to the district of Anuradhapura, it becomes a great destination as there are many activities that are in the vicinity of the city. Some of these include the Sigiriya rock fortress, Minneriya National Park, Kaudulla National Park, the Habarana jungle for camping, trekking, bicycle rides and kayak rides and not to forget the hot air balloon rides that start from Habarana. The place is the ideal getaway and readily available accommodation to suit any budget.

If you want a place with some cold weather and a lazy town to chill out in, Bandarawela is definitely the place to be. The climate is perfect for long nights with hot drinks and long sleeps. Bandarawela also has few heritage places such as the Dhowa Rock Temple, which was founded in first century B.C  and the St. Anthony’s Roman catholic church. The town is also surrounded by tea plantations and mountains. If you guys are planning to head to Bandarawela, be sure to call us up and book Yoho Dharmapala Road for a holiday with the boys. 

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Nastashia Ekanayake is a travel enthusiastic who enjoys travelling solo when budget and time permit. Having currently moved back to Sri Lanka, she functions as an administration professional by day and wanderer and foodie by night. She enjoys journaling her adventures, exploring the joys of Instagram and looking up her next travel destination.

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