Travelling Around Sri Lanka for First Timers 0 137

Travelling Around Sri Lanka for First Timers 0 138

To many tourists and locals alike, travelling around this lovely little country might seem a rather daunting task. For first timers especially, it has a tendency of being overwhelming, but have no fear there is a way to go just about Sri Lanka’s 64,000 square kilometres without much hassle.


If you are located in Colombo, then one is spoilt for choice as there are quite a number of taxi services available for those who want to travel with a bit of personal space and luxury. While the whole of Sri Lanka is blessed with the much loved (and hated) tuk tuks or three wheelers that can be hailed from anywhere, Colombo has a range of cab companies that have a range of budget and mid-priced cars, vans and sometimes even a casual Audi. Overall, tuk tuks and cabs are efficient and you get your money’s worth plus the drivers are rather safe.

#YohoTip – If you are a first time traveller to Sri Lanka, you would be happy to know that Uber works in Colombo city limits and its local counterpart PickMe works in the Western Province and the city of Kandy (in the Central Province). So be sure to have these apps downloaded ahead of time. 

Public Transport 

If you are heading down south, up country or out of Colombo, one might recommend taking the train (click here to check out how to reserve tickets) to really enjoy the scenery along with the essence of the country and its people. Trains are great if you travelling with your partner or a group and the local bus services work just fine too. Be warned though, the buses in Sri Lanka make a name for themselves, one needs to experience this to truly understand so be sure to not miss out on the golden opportunity. 

If it’s a really long journey for example somewhere like Anuradhapura or Jaffna and you would want to get there comfortable, it is recommended that you hire a van, which either you or the place in which you will be staying at or even a friend would be able to do for you. More often than not there would be a fixed rate for which you will travel or there will be a pre-agreed rate per kilometre. 

The country has now also introduced a range of in-bound flights that might cost a fair percentage (or even complete cost) of your travels to the country, but besides that, these are some of the main (legal) methods of travel the country has to offer. What’s your favourite method to travel in Sri Lanka?

Image courtesy: Chamara Peries

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