Travel Emojis you Just Need to Use! 0 158

Travel Emojis you Just Need to Use! 0 159

An emoji can say far more than words ever could and let’s face it, we all have a hopeless weakness for these cute emojis. In fact, if a picture is worth a thousand words, an emojis is worth double that.

Whether you’re having breakfast, attending your friend’s wedding, using the washroom, and yes, for virtually anything and everything, you’ll find an emoji to express your emotions. And when you’re jetting off on a holiday, this is the best time to harness the power of a strategically wielded emoji.

If you can’t seem to go beyond the basic smiley-faced emoji, we’ve got your back. Read this quick guide and reach the ends of your keyboard as you post the perfect emoji while inspiring some real wanderlust and showing off on your Instagram feed when you visit Sri Lanka.

? This is the universal go-to emoji that says everything from ‘I’m lounging in the beach’ and ‘I’m chilling at Nuwara Eliya’ to ‘Yup, I’m having a better time that you’, this smug sunglassed smiley says it all.

? When you find yourself mesmerised by Sri Lankan’s attractions and words just fail you, this emoji will do just fine.

? When you’ve hit the Colombo nightlife scene and even if you aren’t tango-ing in Argentina, this graceful Senorita is the soul of any party.

? Use this palm tree emoji to show off just how bright and tropical you vacation is going to be!

? Fancy the Sri Lankan beaches and the sun, surf and beach that is all your’s to enjoy? Show off the beach babe that you truly are with this emoji.

✈ If you simply can’t wait until you’ve arrived to start posting, this emoji will let everything know that you at the airport, ready to explore the world!

??? When you’re exploring the wildlife in Wilpattu. Note: you have an entire keyboard of animal emojis are your disposal so use them wisely. As tempting as it is, you don’t want to go overboard with 10 emojis in a single sentence.

? When you’ve booked the cosiest bed at your rented holiday bungalow. And for good measure (to show off how awesome your accommodation is), squeeze in this ? emoji too.

? Exploring the traditional arts and crafts in Sri Lanka? This emoji is the closest you’ll get to showing how the Sri Lankan masks that depict old folklore looks like.

? The one emoji you absolutely wouldn’t want to use when on a vacation but if hard luck strikes and you’re doing with a fever, use this emoji to get some sympathy from your followers.

? When you’re enjoying a hearty Sri Lankan meal! And this ? when you feasting on seafood galore.

? Surfing in Arugam Bay? ? Swimming in the East Coast? ? Scuba diving? ? Or simply watching the glorious sunset? Use these tropical emojis to describe your plans!

? When you finally went on an elephant ride!

?? When you’re star-gazing on your camping trip, use this emoji to depict the curtain of stars you’ll be sleeping under.

? And finally, when you’re vacation has come to an end and you just don’t want to leave yet! But hey, at least you made it, so round it all up by using this emoji ?to relate what an amazing time you had!

Hope you have a wonderful (emoji-rich) holiday!

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