Top Sites that Prove Sri Lanka is a Camping Lover’s Paradise 0 467

Top Sites that Prove Sri Lanka is a Camping Lover’s Paradise 0 468

Sri Lanka is among the famous holiday destinations in the world because it provides enjoyable experiences for all travellers. Among the very different travellers who are drawn to this magical isle, there are a considerable number of nature lovers who love to camp out in the wilderness. If you too fall into this category you might want to check out some of these popular camping in Sri Lanka ideal for the perfect camping experience.

From campsites amidst wildlife sanctuaries to breathtaking mountain ranges, you can find a multiple options for camping in Sri Lanka. Whether a seasoned camper or newbie, these natural getaways are perfect to experience the nature’s raw splendour at its best.

Yala National Park

One of the best locations you can enjoy Sri Lanka camping holidays is the amazing Yala National Park. Not only can you look forward to the safari, but you can also witness nature’s wonder from your own campsite. Make sure to pack your gear, as during the day you might spot elephants, Sri Lankan leopards, water buffalos etc. As night falls enjoy the tranquility that takes over the surroundings with only nature’s sounds echoing in the vicinity.

Knuckles Mountain Range

For some of the most unforgettable camping trips in Sri Lanka you should definitely head off to the Knuckles Mountain range tucked away in the lush cool central regions of Sri Lanka. Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is a scenic locations, which is also considered a biodiversity hotspot.

Kithulgala Forest Reserve

Looking for the perfect mix of leisure activities and thrilling adventures? Well then a visit to Kithulgala should be right on top of your list. Camping in Sri Lanka is just one of the many things you can enjoy in this part of the country. Other adventures like trekking through the jungle, mountain biking and white water rafting can be done while in Kitulgala. There are several hotels located in the area or close to Kitulgala that can help you with necessary arrangements to camp out in the vicinity. 

Sinharaja Rain Forest

Another acclaimed World Heritage Site of Sri Lanka that allows visitors to get up-close and admire the wonders of nature. After a guided tour through the rainforest, set up camp in one of the permitted areas within the park. As you reach the Ratnapura district, you might want to check out some of our cozy bungalows to stay in while you get all your camping gear and necessary provisions in order.

The above sites are just a few locations in Sri Lanka you can consider for your next camping trip. No matter where you choose to stay during your camping holiday in Sri Lanka do bear in mind that you are only a visitor to these surroundings that are priceless gifts we have received from nature. So make sure to act as responsible campers and avoid doing anything that will disturb the integrity of the site.

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