Six Things That Can Make You Look Ignorant in Sri Lanka 0 179

Six Things That Can Make You Look Ignorant in Sri Lanka 0 180


The beautifully exotic land of Sri Lanka is synonymous with vibrant culture, people, religion, nature and wildlife. Located south of India on the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka takes prides in its distinct culture, traditions, customs and geography. To make your stay in this exquisite tropical island a truly memorable experience without encountering any bizarre or unsavoury situation, you may like to have a peek at our list below of the six things that can make you look ignorant in Sri Lanka or at one of the cosy hotels in Kotahena.

Don’t show disrespect to the country’s political past

While things are safe in Sri Lanka now, be aware that the country witnessed a violent civil war which ended only a few years ago. You may ask the locals general questions about their lives and other simple stuff, but avoid political conversations and religion as they are touchy subjects.

Sri Lanka can be a religious country

Turning your back to a Buddha statue is disrespectful to both the Buddha and people of faith. Also, while taking pictures, make sure that everyone in the picture is facing the statue and not with their back to it. We also advise you against wearing clothing with images of the Buddha or any other deity and even visibly displaying tattoos of the same.

Similarly, we also advise you to not to touch a monk, particularly on their heads. Women are not allowed to touch monks at all. Besides, take your shoes off when visiting a temple.

Don’t get taken for a ride

The ‘three-wheeler’, also known as tuk-tuk, is a common mode of transport for getting around. Don’t forget to ask if they have a metre on and working before boarding one. Find information beforehand about the rate per mile so that you can negotiate the price accordingly even if they don’t want to go by the meter. Sri Lanka sees a high number of road deaths due to reckless driving so do take extra care.

Don’t make unnecessary comparisons

A certain section of travellers indulge in comparing Sri Lanka and its neighbour India. Our advice: please resist the temptation. Sri Lanka is a different country with a very different culture of its own which is unique and special in its own way.

Avoid PDA

Public displays of affection are not socially acceptable in Sri Lanka. Which is why, some locals take the help of an umbrella to steal a kiss. You may try that at your own risk if you must.

Now that you’re aware of the things that can get frowned upon in Sri Lanka, to make your stay in the island destination complete and truly memorable, find accommodation at the cosy, inexpensive Kochchikade hotels, hotels in Kotahena and other hotels of Yoho Bed strewn across the country.

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