Tips for Travelling after Retirement 0 165

Tips for Travelling after Retirement 0 166

What better way to celebrate your retirement than with a trip to Sri Lanka? Well, we know, this may not sound as easy as it seems, but with the right amount of enthusiasm and correct plans in place you could kick start your new adventure in grand style. To help you get started here are a few travel tips you might want to make a note of when you plan your vacation to this part of the world.

What to pack when travelling to Sri Lanka

While you might be tempted to pack everything you need, trying to pack too much would only weigh you down. The answer is to be smart about what you pack and try as much to think about what you would need when you travel to a tropical country like Sri Lanka. Here are a few packing tips to keep in mind:

  • Opt for layered clothing instead of heavy jackets and coats
  • Choose lightweight luggage that are easy to manoeuvre around – preferably with four wheels; stackable bags will help free your hands as well
  • Carry around travel size toiletries
  • Don’t forget the essentials you need as you explore Sri Lanka

Where to go; what to do

There are plenty of things you can see and do in a land like Sri Lanka. So, whether you wish to lounge on a golden sandy beach in the southern coast or want to witness the splendour of mighty waterfalls pouring down from the hill country, you will have a healthy group of options to choose from. Among these highly popular tourist attractions there are a few lesser known attractions that are worth exploring as well.

Choosing the right accommodation

Did you know that not choosing the right accommodation could be one of the most costly mistakes a traveller could make? That is why you need to focus on finding the right accommodation when you travel during your retirement. Take a look at some of our featured properties like this premium hotel in Nuwara Eliya or trendy villa in Hikkaduwa that will make your vacation more enjoyable, comfortable and fun.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle even while on holiday

You should also pay extra attention to your health while on holiday. Before you leave it’s best you meet with your doctor and plan out what medications you need to take along with you while travelling to a tropical destination. It’s also advisable to carry a letter listing out the medicines you need in the instance you need to replace any medications. Most leading supermarket chains like Keells, Arpico and Cargills Food City have their own pharmacy counters where you can easily get the assistance you seek. Aside from your special medical requirements you could also keep the stress of travel down by following these few simple steps.

Money saving tips for retirees

Travelling off season is one of the top money saving strategies for travelers. Since you don’t have to wait for a vacation season to travel, while everyone else is stuck at work, you will have plenty of time on your hands to plan out the dream vacation you always hoped to enjoy. Also, you will have a better chance of grabbing great deals on flights and accommodation when you travel off season.

What’s more, Sri Lanka is a country that enjoys warm and sunny weather almost all year through (even though there might be an occasional shower here and there the weather does clear up pretty soon). So, you can look forward to enjoy all your adventures in a much more relaxed setting by beating the peak season rush. Here are a few costs you might need to make a note of during your travels.

We hope your experience of travelling to Sri Lanka during your retirement will be a pleasant one and will leave you rich with wonderful experiences by the end of your visit.

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