Three Places you Cannot Miss while in Galle 0 206

Three Places you Cannot Miss while in Galle 0 207

Located on the southwestern coast of the island, Galle is a true gem in its offering to tourists. Its rich tapestry of colonial cultural heritage remains to this day an attraction for local as well as foreign travellers.  From Colombo the journey down to Galle is a little over a 100 km and about an hour’s drive if approached using the country’s southern highway.

There are many features geographically in Galle that will appeal to the adventurous spirit including Rumassala located in Unawatuna. This large mound resembling a hill is what makes up the protective reef barrier in the Galle Harbour. However, tradition has it that some of the events surrounding the Ramayana myth took place here.

To truly discover Sri Lanka, tour the following niches of this culturally intriguing hotspot. Discover adventure Sri Lanka style by visiting the following places in Galle.

Galle Fort

A landmark not to be missed when visiting Galle is its majestic Fort. This imposing structure has been declared a world heritage site. Tourists who meander through its narrow cobble stoned pathways will be transported back in time as well as being able to marvel at the co-existence between European architecture between the 16th and 19th century and South Asian traditions. Travellers will also find their curiosity piqued by the many vintage shops, restaurants and homes within this picturesque walled city.

The Dutch Fort in all its glory

The Dutch Reformed Church

Built in the 17th century, the Dutch Reformed Church is one of the oldest protestant churches in the island. The church use to be traditionally referred to as “Groote Kerk.” While the first Dutch Reformed Church was erected beside the Galle Clock Tower in the town, the present one is located at the highest point within the Fort at 39 feet above sea level.

National Maritime Museum of Galle

Situated within the Fort on Queen’s Street the museum is housed in a saffron coloured building which itself is an artefact. The building goes back to colonial times and travellers will notice that the architecture has been preserved much the same way as it did hundreds of years ago.

The museum is tasked with the preservation of artefacts which belong to both the maritime history of the country as well as its marine biology. Some of the exhibits include boats and crafts used in trading as well as passenger transport. Another part of the maritime museum that will attract attention among travellers is the section on local eco systems. This section offers specimens of invertebrates, corals and shells.

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