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Horton Plains

Horton Plains is a protected national park encompassing a massive area of around 3,000 ha. Horton Plains activities include trekking to Worlds End, Little Worlds End and Bakers Falls. Here are some basic things you should NOT do while inside the park.


The most obvious thing to refrain from littering. Before entering the park, ‘plastic checkers’ rummage through your bag and politely remove and discard any plastics you might have in your possession. This includes chewing gum, bottle labels, plastic bags, etc. Families trekking with babies and younger kids are strongly advised not to leave dirty diapers inside the park. Unfortunately, several diapers can be seen thrown into bushes and shrubs while on the trek in Horton Plains. Hotels often provide guests with a breakfast pack to take inside the park, so ensure your breakfast is in a carboard container instead of plastic.

Approach animals

Horton Plains National Park is protected mainly because of the wildlife inside the park, from sambar deer to leopards. Although leopards are rarely ever seen on the trek, they do live in the thick forested areas inside Horton Plains. On the trek though, there’s a highly likely chance of encountering several wild sambar deer. Visitors are prohibited from feeding these animals as human food will disrupt their digestive systems.

World’s End Edges

Taking the perfect picture for Instagram is great, however, don’t do it at a risk of losing your life. Several people often attempt daring poses at the edge of World’s End and Little World’s End. When sitting at the edge for your picture, make sure you are seated safely and comfortably. Avoid standing too close to the edge when taking the photograph or posing for it.


There are over 100 types of plants in Horton Plains – several of which are being illegally taken from the park for medicinal or ornamental reasons. If you see a pretty flower or an exotic looking plant, don’t remove it. Plucking of flowers and plants inside a protected area is strictly forbidden.

Noise Pollution

Hiking can be a fun experience for almost everyone. However, when inside Horton Plains, it’s always good to keep your voice low. Speaking in soft tones will give you a better chance of spotting wildlife and enjoying the quiet tranquility of the area. Loud noises will not only disturb the animals, but it’ll also disturb other trekkers who are eager to spot wildlife during their trek. Avoid playing music inside Horton Plains, instead save it for after the hike when you’re relaxing at one of the nearby guesthouses in Sri Lanka.

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