Things to Take Along as you Explore Sri Lanka 0 144

Things to Take Along as you Explore Sri Lanka 0 145

Looking to enjoy the perfect tropical island vacation? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sri Lanka is truly a paradise island that has gained immense popularity as a top tourist destination. One of the reasons being its sunny weather and (almost) year round tropical weather making it ideal for a fun filled holiday. As you get embark on your adventure, here are a few things you might want to take along as you explore Sri Lanka.  

  • Clothing

Since this island is a popular tourist destination there is no particular Sri Lankan dress code you need to adhere to. So feel free to set out in your favourite swimwear at some of the most magical beaches while you catch a tan or run in some super fun beach sports. A wrap or much loved sarong for post-beach sessions come recommended. As you engage in other outdoor activities do put on clothes made of light and breathable fabrics that are comfortable to wear in the hot and sunny weather.

  • A comfy pair of shoes

The next essential on what you need to pack for Sri Lanka is your trusted pair of shoes to get you around the many sites scattered across the country. A vacation in Sri Lanka especially if you stay in some of our beautiful hotels or guesthouses in Nuwara Eliya will give you a breathtaking view of picturesque landscapes. This will tempt you to engage in activities like hiking, trekking, mountain climbing and much more. For these types of adventures running shoes or good quality sports sandals are essential.

  • Sunglasses

Of course you would not go anywhere without your trusted pair of shades but just a quick reminder to take your sunglasses around with you wherever you go. Not only will they protect your eyes from the sun they will also provide added protection when out in the wild.

  • Bug sprays and mosquito repellent

Let’s face it, when you explore a tropical island such as this you will not only be greeted by beautiful natural landscapes but also a few pesky little bugs and insects that lurk in these natural settings. For this reason it would be most advisable to keep a reliable repellent lotion or spray with you to use when required.

  • Travel camera

If you are a photography enthusiast this is needless to say because there is no chance that you will leave your prized DSLR back at home while you go on holiday to Sri Lanka. All you other travellers would also want to grab a compact camera to take along with you because you will get many amazing photo opportunities along the way. Such a device does not cost that much and you can find a great option with features like waterproof protection, connectivity options and long lasting battery life that are best suited for outdoor adventures.

Image courtesy Amani Pilapitiya.

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