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Colombo is the commercial capital and the busiest city within the confines of the little paradise island of the Indian ocean by the name, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has gained more and more traction as a popular tourist destination over the years and the influx of tourists has ever so increased within the last couple of years.

With Colombo being the commercial capital of the country, the city sees a large number of tourists coming in and out to experience all that the city has to offer. Everything from the nightlife to the various sightseeing areas makes for an amazing experience so if you’re somebody who has recently flown into the country, you should definitely visit the city for an enhanced experience of all that the little island has to offer.

Before you catch a flight out, you should definitely visit the capital city and experience everything from the great restaurants serving mouthwatering local dishes to the sunset views at the Galle face green.


Catch A Pretty Sunset

Built by the Dutch during their time of reign, the Galle Face Green now functions as a promenade that sees a large crowd during the evening time. However, the area was built originally to give the cannons a clear sight but today, folks gather at the park to hang out and engage in all sorts of leisure activities during the evening time.

The strip of green lawn that stretches out faces the ocean and the landmark is known popularly for its beautiful sunset views and is one of the reasons why people gather here to hang out and enjoy their leisure time with friends and family.

The strip also has a large number of various little restaurants that you can either dine in at or grab a quick bite at.


Visit Gangaramaya Temple

The city of Colombo is also home to one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the country and if you find yourself in the city, it is definitely worth a visit. The beginnings of the temple date all the way back to the late nineteenth century but since that time, the temple has seen a lot of renovations and maintenance work.

The temple is truly a beautiful sight to see and it is one of the main attractions within the city of Colombo.

What was once a swamp beside the Beira Lake, is now the Gangaramaya Temple. If you visit this site, you should also check out the Seema Malaka temple is situated in the middle of the Beira Lake and is a tranquil sight to witness.


Check Out The Nightlife

Colombo may not be known around the world for its nightlife but the truth is, the weekend definitely transforms the business capital into a nightlife hub. From nightclubs to various pubs and bars, the nightlife of Colombo has picked up over the years.

If you’re bored on a weekend during your stay, you should definitely head out and witness how the city comes alive in the night.

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