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If you’ve ever flipped through a travel magazine that promoted any type of travel to the country of Sri Lanka, you probably witnessed some photographs of some scenic and idyllic beaches that stretch for acres and acres.

The south coast of Sri Lanka is known for its beaches and its easy way of living. In the south coast, life is lived at a slow pace and everything seems more relaxing and peaceful in comparison to the rest of the regions within the country.

If you’re thinking of making a pit stop at the south coast of Sri Lanka during your travels, you should know that the coastal area will offer you much more than a few idyllic beaches. The truth is, there is so much to do and we want to help you discover all these various things that you can do during your stay in the south of the island.


Boat Tour of Madu River

Embarking on a boat tour of the madu river is an experience unlike any other as it is the largest river in the country and is also said to be home to a plethora of diverse species of birds, marine life and various types of other animals.

Cruising through the mangroves of the river is a sight that you will never forget as experiences like this are what dreams are made of. When embarking on the journey, you will come across various little village homes and you will get a peek into how these folks engage in fishing and agriculture.

You should definitely keep your eyes peeled for some sightings of various types of animals. The boat tour of the madu river is the best way this area of the country.


Surf In Weligama

Upon arrival in the region known as Weligama, you’re likely to witness many surfboards and many surf shops in the area because the region is widely known for great waves and a slower-paced lifestyle that is both relaxing and peaceful.

The shorelines are usually home to many surf schools so if you’re looking to learn the art of surfing, you have a lot of options to choose from.

For beginners who are just learning to surf, Weligama is a great place to catch some amazing waves. The waves here are small and consistent and that is perfect for beginner levels of surfing.


Explore Galle Fort

The Galle Fort of Sri Lanka is a sight that you must witness during your stay in the little paradise island. The architecture of the buildings to the way buildings are laid out is unlike any other place in the country and that is because this area is a result of the workmanship of the Portuguese and Dutch.

Sri Lanka was ruled by the Portuguese and the Dutch years ago and the Galle Fort and some of the buildings you still see to this day are what was built back in the day.

If you like taking walks and going for little strolls, this is the ideal place for that as the whole area is surrounded by beautifully built buildings, little roadside boutiques and cafes and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country but unless you’ve witnessed the beauty of the south coast of Sri Lanka, you haven’t really had the complete experience.

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