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Flag hoisting and lowering ceremony

An air force officer holds Sri Lanka’s national flag as the sun sets at Galle Face Green in Colombo.

A proud Sri Lankan moment that top on the list. The Sri Lankan Lion flag is raised at 9 in the morning and is brought down at 6 in the evening, just before the sun is ready to set. The Flag Lowering attracts the photographers and the Instagramers waiting for that perfect shot with the sunset on the background on the Galle Face Green.

When the flag comes down, everything comes to a standstill, including the crowd to give respect to the Sri Lankan Flag.

Experiencing street food in Sri Lanka

Street food vendors at Galle Face Green

Galle Face Green a travellers must-try spot for trying Sri Lanka Street Food in Colombo. The NaNa’s Tandoori Chicken and Naan are a must-try.

Isso Wade – made of a mixture of gram flour, chilli, and spices, these prawn cakes are round and flat and usually have two or three long prawns pressed onto it – with the heads still intact. They are deep-fried halfway and placed on trays to be re-fried before being served is a fun thing to try.

Achcharu- Pickle in small food stalls is a good grab. Made from Galle Face Green, it has its own Sri Lankan flavour with a mixer of different spices from Sri Lanka.

“PaanParag” is another munchie to try. Served in a cube-shaped beetle leaves and areca nuts in different flavours and colours, sweetened with crushed dates syrup.

“Kottu” or “Kottu Parata” made from wheat flour and vegetables, egg and/or meat, and spices are sold in Nana’s.


Beachfront for relaxation at Galle Face Green

It’s historically a racecourse, and later the British played their other favourite sports such as Polo, Golf, Cricket and Rugby on Galle Face Green.

Fast forward years, to-day Green has become a Beachfront for relaxation, place to play family cricket, kite flying or enjoy the sunset from the dock opening into the sea. Weekends are full of families and kids.

Walking with the rising sun or sunset between The Galle face Hotel and Colombo harbour breathing the breeze from the Indian ocean is a unique experience in Galle face Green.

Health or leisure, the lush green lawn and the long beachfront promenade give a refreshing start to the morning or satisfying end to the day.

Early morning walks are recommended before the city walks up.


Enjoy the sunset at Galle Face Green

Sunset at Galle Face Green- Scott Edmunds

Galle Face Green is a place for a tranquil getaway with friends and family. Fantastic Ocean view, Typical Sri Lankan Street food, smooth games and sports and some Historical buildings- as the old Parliament around the corner will add more speciality to your quality time with the family.
This Pique-Nique spot; the Galle Face Green is located in the heart of Colombo city, it is indeed a tranquil escape from hectic Colombo City life on a weekend.

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