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Things to do in Bentota 0 219


Bentota is best known for the powdery sand beach some sixty kilometres south of the capital of Sri Lanka. The small township relies on tourism and fisheries to form its livelihood is only a short drive from Colombo. As beautiful as the Bentota beach is and as wonderful as the ocean waves are in the vicinity, one must encounter and experience the other unsung attractions around and about Bentota to truly know how to appreciate the city. So here’s a list of top things to do in Bentota. And once you’ve had your fill of the activities we’ve listed down some of the best places to eat in Bentota as well.

A Cruise Along the River

Bentota river

The Bentota River flows from the hills of the country to the Indian Ocean demarcating the border of the city and creating opportunities for tourists to take a Bentota river safari. Mangroves and water plants grow on either side of the river. The birds too chirp and flutter between the trees while monitors and lizards bask in the sun along the banks. 

A Brief Stopover

The celebrated Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa’s brother, Bevis Bawa owned and maintained the property known as Brief Gardens. It would be ideal to leave your Bentota abode soon after lunch as the caretakers at Brief Gardens are known to serve a simple yet delectable tea. Hop into a local tuk tuk or rent a car for this half-hour away from the city tour. The entrance reminds one of the enchanting but mysterious hideouts from movies. The premises are sprawling and testimony to the rich biodiversity of the area. Adding to this is the artistic domicile which was once the home of Bevis Bawa of unique taste.

The Temple at the Top

When plying from Bentota to Colombo, one will notice a few sign boards that direct travellers a short distance inland to the most revered grounds in the area. A tall Buddha statue has been built atop the small hill on which Kande Viharaya is located. Locals believe that paying respects to this temple brings about prosperity and better fortune. The temple is of archaeological significance as the temple and Bo Tree within the premises are over three centuries old.

Any Other Things to Do in Bentota?

There are a number of water sports for those with an extra bit of adrenaline in them. You can opt for some of the many water sports in the city as well. The water sports in Bentota are not limited to those on the ocean waves. Thanks to the expanse of water of the river, parasailing and jet skiing in the river are on the cards. This is option appreciated by beginners and youngsters who are still building their courage to face the sea waves. Yet, even the seasoned hands love to experience the sports in the freshwaters for a novel experience.

Here’s a list if you are interested.

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