The Secret to Booking Boutique Hotels without Breaking your Bank Account 0 237

The Secret to Booking Boutique Hotels without Breaking your Bank Account 0 238

You’ve got to admit it: we all love to feel and be treated like royalty and since we don’t have this luxury (sob, sob), the only chance we can at least play pretend is when we’re on a holiday. I mean, who doesn’t like breakfast delivered straight to a luxurious bed, lounging in deck chairs as a waiter delivers fresh fruit juice in an elegant glass or having a chauffeur open your car doors and ride you to your destination?

But here’s the bad news – a luxury holiday can unfortunately cost a lot of money with a good deal of your monthly/yearly savings being spent in booking boutique hotels. Everyone wants to go on a holiday but not many want to spend money in doing so. To help you out, we’ve put our heads together to find ways in which travellers can book boutique hotels in Sri Lanka without breaking their bank.

  • Browse our collection of boutique hotels to suit your budget

From elegant apartments to cosy villas, we feature a collection of chic and cheap hotels and holiday rentals in Sri Lanka. All our accommodation options come with a range of facilities to give you that luxurious break you’ve wanted since forever.

  • Travel in the off-season

Trust us, you can make massive savings when you travel outside the peak season. Yes, the weather might not be perfect but you will certainly find much better value for hotel deals. Thankfully though, Sri Lankan downpours are usually restricted to the early morning or late night hours so there is bound to be a lot of sunshine in between. Also, booking your hotel during the weekdays are often cheaper than during the weekends. Just make sure to avoid the tourist or school holiday season. Not only will hotel rates soar drastically but the hotel will also be overcrowded with visitors.

  • Bring along friends and family

If you’re ok for shared royalty, then you might want to consider teaming up with family or friends for a group getaway. Doing so will ensure that you can share the costs of a luxurious hotel rental.

  • Keep your eyes wide open for those extras

Make sure to look out for hotel rates that cover more than just luxury accommodation. For instance, hotels will often offer dinner, bed and breakfast packages and this can actually work out a lot cheaper than having to pay for your accommodation and meals separately. Besides, many properties on Yoho Bed come complete with great facilities so go online hotel booking with us!

  • Book a shorter stay

If a three-week luxury break will cost more than you can realistically afford, you could either shake your head and say, ‘Forget it, I’ll just stay home’ and pause for a moment and think, ‘Why don’t I just cut down the length of my trip’. Needless to say, you already know what the smarter move would be. What’s more, the shorter duration of your trip may even give you that extra nudge to not waste a single moment of your trip.

  • Maximise those special offers

The Sri Lanka hotel industry is getting more competitive with each passing day which means that some amazing deals and special offers are literally zigzagging around on the internet. Even if it means staying up every night to do your homework as you hunt for the best cheap hotel booking deals in Sri Lanka, do it. All those sleepless nights and raccoon-like under-eye circles will be worth it when you get treated and pampered like royalty.

Did you know that Yoho Bed has a 20% offer this September 2017?

So go indulge – you deserve it!

Happy Holidaying.

PS – If the featured image on this post looks like something you wouldn’t mind holidaying at, you can book it for yourself over here.

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