If you're daring enough, these eateries dish out some good food albeit, with its own bit of love, sweat and tears tossed into the mix. Enjoy! 

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Colombo being the commercial capital of Sri Lanka lives up to its name in the kind of busy lifestyles people here have. In the rush of running from one place to another, people usually miss the hole in the wall kind of shops, commonly called kadeys that usually serve massive portions of mostly rice or kottu among other exotic of grab-on-the-go food varieties at affordable prices.


With a plethora of Hotel de Pilawoos, and Hotel de new Pilawoos claiming to be the real deal, the Pilawoos in front of Durdans Hospital is probably the only one with a claim to the Kottu Kade Kingdom. While the food served is still good, prices can be somewhat exorbitant depending on what you order. We recommend their Cheese Kottu or if you are in the mood for something light their Hoppers with spicy Katta Sambol

Hotel De Plaza:

Open 24 hours a day, this is the city’s rising late-night kottu star. Located in Galle road Colpetty, Plaza too is in the kottu, cheese kottu, cheese roti, chicken pallandy brought to your car business. It’s definitely rougher around the edges than the Galle Road’s various Pilawoos perhaps due to the absence of flashy boards with the menu displayed and a smaller seating area. Pricing and flavors are pretty similar to those of Pilawoos. Late-night cheese Kottus are very popular, we also recommend their Chocolate Rotty.

Indian Chaat Corner:

The Indian Chaat Corner has been one of our favorite spots for affordable, spicy, and different-from-the-usual food. While chaat is a common street food in India, it’s rather hard to find here. With superb service and great food, Indian Chaat Corner is the ideal spot to enjoy those savory Indian snacks filled with explosive (vegetarian) flavors for a smaller dent in your wallet. Their Paani Puris are popular here at Yoho especially as a late evening snack.

Bombay sweets:

With the first of the Bombay sweets shop opening in Colpetty, in 1948, (now sadly closed) many other vendors have opened eateries calling themselves ranging from Bombay Sweets House to Bombay Sweet Mahal to New Bombay Sweets to mention a few. All these eateries are consistent in how small their spaces are, the kind of sweets mainly the varieties of Muskats, Jalebis and Boondies they serve. But what we mostly visit Bombay Sweets for is their crispy fried Samosas stuffed with minced beef or chicken and chill cold and super milky Faloodas. 

Raheema Hotel:

Raheema Hotel is one of those places that just seems to get better with time even though not much really changes. The food is good and the service is pretty great. If you find yourself wanting some feel-good food, you should drop in. They have a really good biryani for the price they charge.

David gram shop:

If you are on the lookout for a light snack that’s easy on the wallet to help you stay awake during a particularly long day at work or perhaps an exceptionally boring lecture, David Gram Shop is the way to head. They serve traditional spicy mixtures, flavored bites, manioc chips, and murukkus. The main ingredient in many of their snacks is peanut, without which none would taste good. The manioc chips are one of our personal favorites.

These are only some of the noteworthy Kadeys that we really enjoyed stepping into. However, there are many more hole-in-the-wall shops around Colombo that offer large servings of food for affordable prices. If you’re daring enough, these eateries dish out some good food albeit, with its own bit of love, sweat and tears tossed into the mix. Enjoy! 


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