The Best Colombo Libraries for the Bibliophile in You 0 137

The Best Colombo Libraries for the Bibliophile in You 0 138


Sri Lanka, with its year-round pleasant weather is undoubtedly one of the popular tourist destinations across the world. It is home to some rare flora and fauna which is found nowhere else. Not just that, the pristine sandy beaches, lush green hills, world heritage sites, and national parks packed with wilderness make it a blissful place for a solo trip or a family holiday. One can easily find budget accommodations in Sri Lanka, and this makes the island country a favourable destination for tourists and travellers coming from far off places. Equipped with all the modern amenities, these hotels ensure that the tourists have a stress free and comfortable stay as they explore the popular sites of the ‘pearl of the Indian ocean’.   

Sri Lanka has something to offer for everyone. For a wildlife enthusiast, there are a number of national parks and sanctuaries to explore. However, if you are a book lover, the place won’t disappoint you either. There are some well-known libraries that have extensive collection of books, journals, bi-lingual dictionaries, national and subject biographies.

Listed below are the two popular libraries that are a must-visit for the bibliophile in you:

National Library of Sri Lanka

The National Library of Sri Lanka has a rich collection of books published by known authors of Sri Lanka and foreign countries. It has an up-to-date collection of materials on information science. In fact, the library’s information science material is considered to be the best in the country. It contains primary sources like leading professional journals, monographs, reports, conference proceedings, and reference sources such as encyclopaedia of Library and Information Science and glossaries related to Library and Information Science.

The library also has a rare books’ collection that includes privately printed books and those with limited editions. These books cover subjects like Literature, Politics, History and Culture.

Colombo Public Library

Located in Colombo 07 in the capital city, close to the top hotels in Colombo Fort, this is the largest public library in Sri Lanka. It was established in 1925 and by now has a comprehensive collection of over 1 million books, 111 periodical titles in English, Tamil, and Sinhala and 57 newspapers.

Earlier, the library was divided into three different sections – the lending room, the reading room and the reference library. It has a whole bunch of genres. From Vampire Diaries to Oscar Wilde and comics, you’ll find everything here. So, if you like reading books, a visit to this library must be on your itinerary during your trip to Colombo in Sri Lanka. If you can’t stay without all these wonderful books you must plan to stay at one of our properties Yoho Longdon Place near the Colombo Public Library.

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