The Best Places for Beer in the Capital City 0 157

The Best Places for Beer in the Capital City 0 158


Colombo stands shoulder to shoulder with the fascinating capitals in Asia. A remarkable miscellany of pubs and bars represent a detailed rich nightlife. And we’re discussing beer. It has received various sobriquets through time and perhaps ‘The Nectar of Gods’ fits it best. Beer ciceroni know that the brew differs at every brewery; it’s hard yet enticing to try them all. In Pettah hotels house bars that offer some of Sri Lanka’s most popular and irresistible draughts. Try not to miss the following places in the capital city while looking for a mug or two of beer:

Inn on the Green

The ambience resonates an English pub not without the charming British-cuisine with its own Pub Quiz. No need to look for other bars; let’s take a seat. Whether you fancy a pale ale or the bitter stout, they have it all here. Order a pilsner (at least) or a pitcher of the Sri Lankan favourites Lion and Carlsberg and bask in the dim aura of the space vibrating with pop and rock tunes. Oi! And don’t forget the burger and fish chip, eh?

Cricket Club Café

The Sri Lankans can surely match the loudest hoots of the Indian fans when we put cricket on the table. Just don’t forget a bottomless mug of beer together with it and you’ve reached the Cricket Club Cafe. Designed in artistic taste, the Café is a sanctuary of cricketing memorabilia teeming with bats, balls, and shoes of the game from the yesteryear. The Sangakarra’s Seafood Pasta and the David Shephard’s pie are a must whence you sit under the open sky cheering for you team chugging freshly brewed beers.

Taphouse by RnR

If you’re in the mood to witness the bustling nightlife of Colombo, the Taphouse by RnR summons. With its loud club music and the Colombo Fort setting, this place captures the party scene in the city like no other. On other days, live bands grace the space and you may enjoy the music with a Lion lager or Stout on the tap. They offer decent food options after a busy day on the city streets. You can easily drive from hotels in Maradana for a night filled with drinking and dancing.

Echelon Pub

Friends and a common desire for chilled pints and the compass points towards the Hilton, Colombo. The Echelon is a traditional pub which oozes camaraderie in its atmosphere. Choose from a menu of international beers on the tap or bottled while lively banter fills the air. Also, there’s an option to watch the big game on a screen or indulge in a light-hearted game of pool.

Feeling adventurous? Well, Beer-ware, beer does that to you! Visit the Lion Brewery in Biyagama and get a firsthand experience of the brewing process that tops the shelves with 7 types of lip-smacking beers!

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