Steak and Dining in Colombo 0 199

Steak and Dining in Colombo 0 200

Vacationing in Colombo for some might be a bit overwhelming especially with all the new restaurants of varying cuisines popping up everywhere. These can be either a hit or a miss, so here are a few options that come personally recommended for those in search of some good steak.

Looking for a good rib dinner? Try The Bavarian, Cheers Pub at the Cinnamon Grand, the Steuart by Citrus or TGIF for a good rib meal. They also have a bacon infused rack of ribs if you are looking for something a little extra. All these places have their own take on steaks and some prioritise on quantity others on quality while some places offer the luxury of hanging out with friends while enjoying a good game of football over some even better steak. If you are among the adventurous, spend a few nights at Yoho Rotunda Gardens and try out the steak options Colombo has to offer! Most places have a similar price range for ribs and one would expect to pay between LKR 1,500 – 3,000 plus taxes. 

If you can’t really decide what you want, why choose one when you can have it all! Look for the mixed grill option in the menus. It will serve most or all of the following: chicken, beef steak, pork chops, sausages, bacon and some eggs. But don’t worry, it gets a bit healthy with a choice of potatoes, other starch or a salad. These dishes are generally very filling and unless you are a heavy eater, often enough for two. The mixed grill at the Bavarian, a popular choice among locals comes highly recommended. Cricket Club Cafe is not only for its food but they also have friendly staff (look out for Raj!). For cricket fanatics, you can soak in the history of cricket while you wait for your food. The mixed grill at most places does not come cheap due to all the options they provide. So keep in mind a a price range of between LKR 1,800 – 3,500 plus taxes before digging in.

For those who want to steer away from the western style of preparation, the mixed meat platter at Arabian Knights located just around the corner from Yoho 5th Lane comes highly recommended. The restaurant prides itself on Middle Eastern cuisine and offers varieties of meat packed shawarmas that will leave you stuffed. Most dishes are moderately priced and start from LKR450 and you don’t have to break the bank to eat here!

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, the Sizzle down Walukarama Road is worth a visit. Pre warning though, try not to go here, too hungry! The restaurant offers a variety of meat dishes with a twist and literally a “sizzle”. The prices though somewhat sizzling are worth the amount of food in your plate and experiences you would create! 

What are your favourite steak experiences in Colombo?

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