Sri Lanka for the Fitness Minded 0 176

Sri Lanka for the Fitness Minded 0 177

Holidays are ideally for pigging out on food and running off on adventures, but it doesn’t necessarily mean going out of shape. There’s always a way to keep that gut in check and muscles pumping even while tasting all the local cuisine and taking in the sights the country has to offer. Here are some fitness centres and tips to help you stay in shape, even while on holiday. 

Gyms in Colombo

If you’re holidaying in Sri Lanka, you will be spoilt for choices with gyms to try out, especially if you picked Colombo as your base. Most gyms offer a day pass that you can use or if you’re on a long stay, some offer a month’s worth of membership and even two week’s worth of membership (Note: these differ in price according to peak and off peak times). Colombo has some of the most up to date gyms in the island. If you’re staying in the heart of the city, you have access to one of the latest state of the art gyms, Fitness Connection and to the more cosmopolitan type gym, which is Fitness First or the traditional chain of gyms known as Power World (branches of this gym can be found even in the suburbs). There is even an outdoor gym at Independence Square and these areas have their own jogging and cycling paths, where you can even rent a bike for LKR 100!).

Fitness has become a culture and a trend in the island, especially in Colombo where you will never run out of options. 

In the suburbs

The fitness culture transcends even into the suburbs of Colombo including Battaramulla and Nugegoda that host some very well equipped gyms such as Ozmo Fitness and High Octane respectively and even a Fitness First in Ja – Ela. So not holidaying in the commercial capital is no longer an excuse!

Working Out (side)

And if you’re not keen on being inside, why not take your workout outside? The island of Sri Lanka (65, 610 km² to be exact) is such that it doesn’t take too long to travel from a cold climate to a sunny one.

Fancy a beach run or swimming in the sea in the hot down south sun? A one and a half hours drive from Colombo and you’re doing just that!

How about a hike up a mountain? Consider going to Nuwara Eliya or Kandy for a picturesque view and a challenging hike up one of the many hills in the area and take in the sights while you catch your breath between your sets of pushups.

So what is your favourite place to work out at? 

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