Romantic Things to do in Sri Lanka – Fun Ideas for your Next Date 0 353

Romantic Things to do in Sri Lanka – Fun Ideas for your Next Date 0 354

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Looking for a few things to do in Sri Lanka that will spark your romance? Here are some fun ideas for your next date.

Take a surfing lesson together

Nothing spells romance like you and your significant other (S.O) falling off a surfboard and laughing about it while swallowing a gallon of seawater in the process. Head over to Weligama, and with the help of a surfing instructor, surf through the shallow, soft waves of Weligama Bay with your partner. Allow at least 70% of your day to be spent in the dazzling, refreshing waters of the bay, you can check-in to a nearby accommodation such as Yoho Beach Access Road, to leave your bags and rest after an exhaustive, exciting day.  Surf N Lanka is a popular among beginners. The cost for 1 hour surfing lesson varies between LKR 1,500 – LKR 2000, while board rentals cost LKR 300.

If you are a first timer, have a read at our expert advise.

Become explorers

Explorers of the underwater world, that is. Rent or buy your snorkelling gear and spend the day swimming through the tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean. The three most popular places for snorkelling on the island are Pigeon Island, Hikkaduwa and Bar Reef. Most places like Pigeon Island for example, will require you to take an overnight stay as travelling to the east of the country is no easy feat. Yoho Vilgam Vihara Road is located approximately 5km from Pigeon Island, which means less time travelling to and from your accommodation to more time in the sea! To make things more interesting and fun, why not challenge each other to a little turtle spotting game? If you have your own snorkelling gear, you can save some dough, and only pay LKR 2,000 for a round trip from Pigeon Island to the main beach.

Here are also some pretty cool wrecks to check out while snorkelling.

Sunset from Galle Fort

Watching the sunset from the Galle Fort has to be one of the romantic things one can possibly do. Walk hand in hand with you S.O., and head towards the towering Galle Lighthouse. The average sunset on the island is around 6:30pm. The perfect spot to catch the dramatic sunset is a couple of metres from the lighthouse. Sit on the wall of the rampart with your feet dangling over the crashing waves or on one of the benches along the walkway for the optimal viewing position. Sneak a quick kiss with your partner just as the sun sets over the horizon, before ending the night with a romantic dinner at one of the many restaurants inside Galle Fort. Pedlar’s Inn Cafe and A Minute by Tuk-Tuk are some of the most popular options for romantic dining.

#YohoTip A Minute by Tuk-Tuk offers mesmerising views of the ocean and is ideal for lunch. Feast on delectable cuisine at Pedlar’s Inn Cafe after the sunset. Indian Hut in Galle is an ideal budget-friendly choice serving up great meals!

Head to the mountains

If you and/or your partner wants to escape Colombo’s humid, hot weather, whisk them away to the hill country. Kandy and Nuwara Eliya are great romantic places to head to. Nuwara Eliya, in particular, is doused with old bungalows and a slow pace of life, that will allow the two of you to bond and talk about all the important and unimportant things in life while huddled over a fire, or enjoying a warm cup of tea in a garden. If you’re looking for budget friendly options for accommodation, Yoho Royal Bungalow is a favourite choice amongst couples. Adventure seekers can even opt to hike up a mountain or chase waterfalls the next day! Travelling by train is the best option. A ticket will cost you between LKR 100 – 400 (depending on the class). Book ahead to reserve your seat!

Treasure hunt

Test out your creativity and your partner’s curiosity by planning a mini treasure hunt. With a map or a list of clues, turn your date into an adventure! You can search for one online, or create one of your own. Give them the next clue only after they figure out the previous one. The prize, of course, will be entirely up to you – it can include a candlelight dinner or a bottle of wine! Get creative! The budget for this activity is entirely up to you!

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