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Rentals or Hotels Whats Your Choice 0 150

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When choosing accommodation for a trip, one question that comes to mind is vacation rentals or hotels. Vacation rental homes are gaining popularity for travellers looking to have extended stays. So is a vacation rental right for your next trip? Or would you rather go for a hotel and all its amenities? Or you are confused when you are looking for the perfect accommodation in Hikkaduwa. There are a few elements that come into play when choosing between the two options. We have got a list of pointers here to guide your choice in deciding the perfect accommodation for your next trip.

  1. Duration

How long is the duration of your next trip going to be? This should be the most important factor in deciding between rentals and hotels. A hotel room makes for a better option if you are staying for a few days. If you are planning to stay for longer, a rental would be more cost effective. Certain vacation rentals may, in fact, require you to stay for a minimum number of days to be able to book the place. However, if your plans change at the last minute, a hotel reservation would be much easier to cancel than a rental agreement, which is a binding contract between you and the property owner.

  1. Number of people travelling

Another thing to take into account is if you are going on a solo trip or a family trip. In terms of cost, hotels are designed for small groups of people while vacation rentals are more appropriate for large groups of people. So if you are travelling solo, hotels are safer and more practical option. The spacious living area of rentals won’t have much use for solo travellers while those travelling in large groups may want that.

  1. Meals

While some hotels offer a complimentary breakfast during stay, one may have to go to different local restaurants for lunch and dinner. This way, one ends up spending a considerable amount of money on meals. On a positive note, this gives more opportunities to savour local delicacies of the holiday destination. However, if you prefer a home-cooked meal, want the freedom to cook whatever you feel like and don’t mind doing the dishes, then a vacation rental is ideal for you.

  1. Amenities

The range of amenities on offer in hotels and rentals is quite different. Most hotels provide internet connectivity, toiletries, towels, cleaned sheets besides additional services for which they charge extra. Staying at a hotel provides access to customer-oriented room-keeping services and a 24-hour reception and concierge to attend to any of your needs. Yoho Bed’s Sigiriya accommodation Yoho Sigiriya Road and hotels in Hikkaduwa offer world-class amenities at affordable prices.

Alternatively, vacation rentals are equipped with basic household equipment which may be confined to some furniture, kitchen appliances with utensils and regular household items. While you’d have to do a lot of self-service, you get an entire house to yourself. If amenities are not that important, vacation rentals are the way to go.

  1. Safety

Hotels typically offer more security than vacation rentals, as there are security guards as well as staff on hand if you ever require any assistance. Staying in a hotel would put your mind at ease.

When booking a vacation rental, note that there won’t be a 24-hour reception to assist you if anything unexpected happens. Be sure to take necessary precautions before booking an accommodation.

  1. Purpose of travel

Hotels offer much better customer-oriented services compared to vacation rentals. Some are especially designed for business travellers and include services which make them ideal for work or business meetings.

If you are the one for adventure, vacation rentals are more suitable for you. You can stop at a local grocery store, visit places less touristy, blend with the local culture, interact with the locals and make new friends in a different country.

So, hotels or rentals? Both have their pros and cons. Ultimately, it is all about your individual needs and priorities. While these few pointers serve as a guide, the final decision is for you to make.

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