Questions to Ask Before Visiting Sri Lanka 0 170

Questions to Ask Before Visiting Sri Lanka 0 171

Aerial shot of Jaffna

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, Sri Lanka has been an enticing and exciting travel opportunity for many years. The teardrop-shaped island is mostly known for being neighbours to India. But its culture, cuisine and people are anything but alike. Moreover, it is a much sought after vacation area. However, a majority of people are unprepared for a few things when they travel to a new place. Here’s something to help you get started. 

Since Sri Lanka is a small country, almost all areas are accessible by road or railways. To cover so much of this beautiful country within a short time, you need to know a few things before you travel down there. These include insider tips on tourism spots in Colombo or which hotel in Wellawatte you should stay at.

Here are a few more frequently asked questions.

What’s the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The temperature of Sri Lanka, like its immediate neighbours, is tropical so it receives a lot of heavy rainfall during the months of June through September. Therefore, to find the perfect and ideal weather, you should visit the country around December to March. It is pleasant with clear skies and the sun is also not as relentless as it is during the summers. The chances of rainfall are also low although overcast skies may be a common occurrence, which just increases the beauty of the mighty Indian Ocean.

What do you eat in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankan cuisine embeds its coastal identity perfectly through its food. Its glorious curries and seafood preparations ensuring you have a lip smacking meal. It is also known for its string hoppers, which are breakfast items mixed with various chutneys for a brilliant morning concoction!

#YohoTip Here is a more detailed post for all foodies!

What are the best places to visit in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka offers something for everybody.

Being an island, its most popular haunts are beaches in different cities and towns. But the country also offers a lot of picturesque landscapes including valleys, mountains, and waterfalls. Visit the capital Colombo for the historical architecture and a better insight into Sri Lanka’s past. Stay at one of the many Colombo Fort hotels to relive how the kings of yore lived. You can also visit Nuwara Eliya and encounter a different character of the country, with its valleys and tea plantations creating a whole new and astonishing experience.

How do you travel in Sri Lanka?

The best way to travel around Sri Lanka is by tuk-tuks. The little three wheelers are the lifelines of the country and are known for taking you to hard-to-reach places. For longer distances, though, you can use the extensive railway network that will take you to almost any major town or city. For a luxurious yet affordable stay, you can choose to stay in one of the many Yoho Bed hotels that are located in almost every major town or city when you travel to these far off places.

Happy travels!

Featured image of an aerial shot of Jaffna by Vithurshan Sharma.

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