Pack and Travel Like a Minimalist 0 158

Pack and Travel Like a Minimalist 0 159

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The first step to travelling right is packing right. As long as you pack right, your luggage will never be a barrier to travelling like a pro – whether it’s hopping on mini buses, running after almost missed trains or exploring a new place on the go. When it comes to packing, everyone has their own ideas of what’s necessary and what’s not. Nevertheless, make a smart choice by following these guidelines before you set out for your Sri Lankan adventure:

Choose the right bag

The bigger the bag, the more space you’ll feel the need to fill. The best thing to do in this case is to travel with a carry on sized bag; you’ll be surprised to see how efficiently you pack and lightly you travel. Travelling with a carry on sized backpack will allow you to get around easier and also ensure you don’t have to pay luggage fees or penalties.

Renounce thoughts of ‘just in case’

Packing minimally means you’ll have to make sacrifices – its impossible (and pointless) to carry something for every possible scenario. As per experts, 20% of what you pack is more than enough to cover 80% of what you’ll wear. Carry the clothes that you wear maximum, this will be enough to keep you covered throughout your trip. Many Sri Lanka vacation rentals and hotels offer laundry services so you won’t need to worry about washing and re-wearing the same clothes.

You will end up shopping

Keep in mind that Sri Lanka has innumerable shopping hubs, and you’re going to end up shopping locally. In other words, if you’re thrown into an unexpected situation that your luggage isn’t prepared for, you can always find a cheap solution locally.

Carry the bulky stuff

Fortunately, Sri Lanka favours a tropical climate so you won’t need to carry too many heavy overalls. Nevertheless, wear whatever bulky stuff you have to carry – be it a pair of sneakers or a dressy coat for the evening. Especially when it comes to shoes, don’t carry more than two pairs and wear the bulky sneakers while travelling. Carry the second one in your luggage – this could be a pair of sandals, flats or even espadrilles.

Following these simple tips and tricks are guaranteed to make travelling lighter and easier.  As long as you pack minimally, travel minimally and complement it with easy Sri Lanka hotel bookings via our website, your island holiday is guaranteed to be hassle-free.

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