Negombo for a Relaxing Short Stay 0 245

Negombo for a Relaxing Short Stay 0 246

A short drive north of the commercial hub of Colombo, is the old trading city of Negombo. Famous as a convenient getaway and for the Negombo lagoon, the area is idyllic for those who want to enjoy some freshwater fish or seafood. Thanks to the Katunayake expressway, the commute from Colombo to Negombo is only a matter of forty odd minutes. 

Stroll Along the Sandy Beaches

The main reason Sri Lanka is popular among foreigners is the beautiful sandy beaches along the coastline. The coconut groves provide some shade but the beach is otherwise quite sun kissed. The best time to hit the Negombo beach for a stroll is when the sun is setting; the rays are less harsh and the view as the sun buries itself in the ocean waves is breathtaking. Sometimes, even from across the lagoon, the sunset appears as a wonderful orange tinted glow. Slip in to a hammock or lounge on a sun deck while sipping some coconut water to relax your nerves and give yourself a much needed break. The weather in Negombo unlike Colomb is quite clear as there is limited rain and seldom overcast.

Savour the Food

The hotels and restaurants that spread right along the border of the lagoon and beach are known to serve some delectable dishes. The fresh ingredients that go in to the preparation must have a bearing on the taste. The most action and fun takes place along Poruthota Road where you can book yourself a place like this to enjoy the breeze while you wander around and pick your treats. A good holiday is never complete without good food and relaxation, Negombo is well geared to handle crowds, therefore it is easy to find a comfortable corner and allow yourself to be pampered. There are a number of little restaurants that serve kottu roti, hoppers, burgers and fast food and fancier food like crepes, pizzas and shakes along the coast and around every corner.

To See and Do

While there are plenty of water sports and games to engage in, if you want a holiday that requires only a small leg stretch and a lot of lazing, Negombo is still a fantastic place. You could visit the Angurukaramulla temple which has a history of a few centuries and the Roman Catholic church named St Mary’s to admire its stained glass and quaint structure while you roam around in the evenings.

What are your favourite things to do in Negombo?

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