Must Try Water Activities in Weligama – Feed your Inner Adrenaline Junkie 0 255

Must Try Water Activities in Weligama – Feed your Inner Adrenaline Junkie 0 256

A little known fishing town in Sri Lanka’s well known southern coast, Weligama also doubles as a beach resort. While there is not much to speak about the town, it is a completely different story when it comes to the shores. With cove beaches and calm waters, the Weligama bay sets the ideal stage for a number of water related activities.

  1. Stand up paddle boarding

A craze that is sweeping through the town, stand up paddle boarding is the closest you are going to get to surfing, other than, you know, actually surfing. The Weligama beach has a number of operators who are friendly enough to help you get the hang of things and soon enough, you can catch the waves like a professional. On the side of prices, they generally vary from place to place so it is best you do some inquiring before you agree to the first place you see.

  1. Surfing

When it comes to a list of water activities in Sri Lanka, the inclusion of surfing is mandatory. Weligama is home to much spoken about ‘Surf Beach’ that regularly attracts throngs of surfers. There are facilities for both newbies as well as experienced surfers with the multitude of operators more than happy to help you learn the sport. The water has many frequently visited surf breaks that are ideal for surfing, with waves reaching a height of up to five feet, on average. On a lucky day, you might even witness them rising up to ten feet. With sand covering the bottom of the beaches, you need not be wary of rocks either. One can find operators along any of the beaches in the town or close to most hotels and guesthouses.

  1. Whale and Dolphin Watching

Weligama is one of the major locations for whale watching in Sri Lanka. The best times to view the dolphins and the whales are during the months of October and April. If you also wish to cross whale watching off your bucket list, try out the many places that take you on whale-watching tours to watch the enormous pods of sperm whales thrash the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.  Head out to the seas with a pro crew and you will be able to catch a few precious glimpses of more than twenty different species of whales teeming around in the waters. Moreover, if you are lucky, a dolphin would entertain you with a somersault or two just a few feet away from you.

  1. Canoeing

If you are in the mood for something more calming and relaxing, opt for canoeing around the calm bay. You have the choice of enrolling for a kayaking tour where an experienced guide takes you along the bay to interesting locations and the adjoining lake or you can go solo if you are confident enough. This is one of the best ways to take in the town’s amazing coastline, the many palm trees adjoining it and the Indian Ocean.

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