Explore Colombo Without Breaking the Bank 0 173

Explore Colombo Without Breaking the Bank 0 174

Galle Face

So you have finally saved up enough cash to pay for your exotic vacation in the tropics. If Colombo is your pick, you have come to the right place! Sri Lanka is a developing nation that has a multitude of natural, historic and culturally important locations. Many of them can be seen and experienced at little or no cost. One can find modestly priced food, transportation and lodging too. Thus, Colombo, Sri Lanka tourism sounds like a great option for a vacation.

Feel Free on the Sand

Needless to say, one is free to stroll, take pictures, wade or swim in the many beaches around and about Colombo at no charge. This does mean that the general public has access to these beaches, but locals are great at sharing. Some of the budget hotels in Colombo are conveniently located in Kollupitiya and Bambalapitiya where the sea and Galle Face are not far away. Remember to be conservatively clad when roaming around the public beaches as the locals are a modest bunch. Buy an ice cream from the musical pedlars and crunch on same wadeis that are sold in tiny huts along the fringe of the beach.

Enjoy an Encounter with Nature

Being a bustling city that hears far more horns tooting than birds chirping, finding the Viharamahadevi Park itself is a victory. The serene Buddha statue gives the place an aura of sanctity and profoundness. The tall evergreens that have been standing for centuries provide a bit of mysteriousness and lots of shade. The walkways that spread around, across and through the park allow visitors to exercise, jog, relax and spend a quiet moment alone amidst the trees. Locals and foreigners visit this park throughout the day and many enjoy jogging even after sunset as there is sufficient lighting.

Discover Sri Lanka’s Religious Places

As Sri Lanka is predominantly a Buddhist country, no visit to the paradise isle is complete without stopping by at one or two temples. The Gangaramaya Temple, Kelaniya Temple and the Sambodhi Viharaya rank quite high in the list of Sri Lanka sightseeing places. One can learn the Buddhist doctrine, pay tribute to the beliefs of the Buddhists and meditate at these venues. It is customary to offer tithe when at a temple, however it is not mandatory. Kelaniya is a bit farther away from Colombo than the other two temples, but the bus fare is quite nominal.

Independence Square

A simplistic but grand building stands in the heart of Colombo 07 and flanks the Independence Arcade. The architecture depicts the clear link between the ancient day magul maduwa or celebration hall and this commemoration hall. The square which is technically a rectangle is serenaded by lush greenery and a walkway. Locals call over every day for their daily exercise and a casual chat while jogging along. If you hop on a tuk-tuk, a ride to Independence Square from the Fort bus terminal should be about LKR400. No matter where you head to in Colombo, have your camera phone on your person or hang your fancy camera around your neck as you will find many photo moments.

Featured image by Muradh Mohideen.

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