Must Have Souvenirs from Sri Lanka 0 455

Must Have Souvenirs from Sri Lanka 0 456

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Sri Lanka is a land with rich culture, golden beaches and overall a great holiday destination.Whether you are coming on a holiday, moving to another country or gifting there are a few popular Sri Lanka souvenirs you ought to consider and we compiled them in a list for you. We’ve also added some popular gift and souvenir shops in Sri Lanka where you can buy these souvenirs.


Sri Lanka is among the best tea gardens and is also rank fourth in the world due to its high quality in tea production. From earl grey to special blends, Ceylon tea comes in variety of flavours, fragrances, brands and various sizes and packs. Tea is one those souvenirs you can easily carry or gift to another. Not only can you purchase them from local supermarkets, but you can also do so from tea shops, souvenirs shops and airport, which might give you more options than the standard packaging. 


The traditional wooden mask or the Devil mask is from the South of Sri Lanka. Back in the day, villagers used it for rituals to ward off evil spirits but is now among the best souvenirs from Sri Lanka. There are a wide range of masks ranging from colour, size and price and can be purchased from Laksala, Lakpahana or in the Mask Museum of Sri Lanka, Ambalangoda, where the Devil mask finds its roots from. We unmasked a comprehensive list a few weeks ago should you wish to find more places to shop at.


The beautiful handmade tie dye type cloth is a method of art Sri Lanka proudly represents. They are colourful and each design is unique and handmade to traditional and some contemporary artistic elements. A perfect souvenir to gift any gender, you can buy batik from Prasanna Batik, Laksala, Salt, Buddi Batiks and Sonalin.


Turmeric, chilli, cardamom, cloves and our world famous cinnamon is a very big deal in Sri Lanka. Our country is known for its spices and is a great souvenir to gift someone, even if they don’t cook! They are sold in small packs at supermarkets in the spice isle or in a fancier packaging at Laksala, Lakpahana, Luv SL Odel and airport and comes in small packets that help with luggage weight issues.

Elephant Souvenirs

Wooden carved painted elephant ornaments, key tags, paintings, wall plaques, silver and gold stoned dressed elephant ornaments, brass elephant ornaments are a few of the elephant souvenirs in Sri Lanka. These items can be purchase on lower and higher price range available at Laksala and Lakpahana.

Note About Sri Lanka Souvenir Prices

We’ve listed out some of the popular Sri Lanka souvenirs which you can buy to remember your visit to the island or to give as gifts. However, the prices of these souvenirs vary considerably based on where you purchase them. If it’s a high end souvenir shop in a Colombo shopping mall be prepared to pay twice or thrice the usual price. If you’re a savvy shopper you can find most of them at considerably lower prices in Pettah market.

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