Mighty Mountains and Peaks to Conquer in Sri Lanka 0 198

Mighty Mountains and Peaks to Conquer in Sri Lanka 0 199

There is so much more to Sri Lanka that its golden sandy beaches and rich cultural heritage. Offering visitors a unique perspective of the wonders of this land are the majestic mountains and peaks found scattered around various parts of the island. As you venture out to explore the many treasures of this beautiful little isle, you might want to check out some of these amazing wonders that will sure ignite the adventure spark within you.

Here are a few examples of Sri Lanka’s top mountains and peaks that are perfect for all you adventure enthusiasts to explore.  

  • Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada Mountain

Located deep within the Ratnapura district is one of Sri Lanka’s most treasured mountains – Adam’s Peak. The most prominent feature of this site is the sacred footprint that lies at the summit, which is highly revered by almost all religions. As such many consider the climb to be a pilgrimage rather than one taken on for enjoyment. The peak reaches a height of 2,243 metres above sea level making this the fourth highest mountain of Sri Lanka.

Mainly based on weather conditions, the peak climbing season is found to be from December to April. During this time if you begin your climb at night you could reach the summit by early morning – just in time to be greeted by the breathtaking view of the sunrise. Climbing off-season is also possible, but be prepared for torrential rains, thick mist and an overall strenuous climb that is most often preferred by adventurer enthusiasts looking to test their boundaries.

  • Pidurutalagala Mountain

Mount Pedro or Pidurutalagala rises to a height of 2,524 metres is Sri Lanka’s highest peak. Owing to its topographical prominence the mountain is home to the country’s main television transmitter and protected by a large military base as it is designated as an “ultra-high security zone”. Hiking and trekking is strictly prohibited but you could obtain an admission pass and drive to the top and witness the amazing view of the forest cover that surrounds the area. As the mountain is located quite close to Nuwara Eliya you might want to check out some of our cosy accommodation options to enjoy the beautiful view of the peak from afar.

  • Kirigalpoththa

For those of you who are determined to experience an adventurous hike, the second tallest mountain, which is actually the highest accessible to the public, is the 2,388 metre high Kirigalpoththa Mountain. While this is not one of the most strenuous climbs you could experience, you get to pass through forest areas, rocky slopes and calm streams that lead up to the summit that has a scarily steep drop on the side.

  • Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles is a uniquely shaped mountain range that gets its name due to its resemblance of a clenched fist. This misty mountain range is full of hidden caves, dense forest cover, rare species of fauna and flora and many other ingredients that are ideal for an unforgettable outdoor escapade. As you find your way through the rarely travelled paths you might even come across a few isolated villages like Meemure that are some of the best kept secrets of this magical land. This site is also a popular camping site among nature lovers.

  • Ritigala

A trip to Ritigala will set you on a path to discover ancient ruins hidden in the midst of lush green forests. At the foothill of the rock you will be amazed by the ruins that have been uncovered, some of which dating back to around 350 BC. Because this site is a biodiversity hotspot and is of immense historical value, it is under protection of the Department of Wildlife of Sri Lanka as a Strict Nature Reserve. The surroundings are very peaceful and calm making it an ideal location to enjoy a relaxing holiday experience. The beautiful city of Habarana is one of the major cities nearby so you might want to check out this amazing hotel to stay in as you prepare yourself for the journey.

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