Make your Weekend in Colombo a bit more Intoxicating 0 143

Make your Weekend in Colombo a bit more Intoxicating 0 144

For too long Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka has served as nothing more than a pitstop for international flights en route to elsewhere or for tourists seeking escape to other parts of the country. But now post war and after millions of dollars worth of investments, the city thrives with enthusiasm and beauty. Previously regarded as a vociferous and dusty city with nothing much of essence, the capital of Sri Lanka is now miles ahead of that image. With enough and more places to visit in Colombo, an abundance of sights and eateries to fill your senses and a profuse amount of hotels like Yoho Park Road, the vibrant city has much to offer.

Sri Lanka is synonymous with beaches and thanks to Colombo bordering the Indian Ocean, the glorious sandy beaches and warm waters are a few minutes away no matter where you are in the city. It also makes for a pleasant scene as people of all ages turn up during the weekend, especially to the Mount Lavinia Beach leaving it buzzing with activity and fervour. The many beachside restaurants offer an extensive menu of drinks and delightful dishes ranging from Chinese cuisine to authentic Sri Lankan dishes. Rest assured, a weekend getaway to Colombo will not be complete without engaging in this activity.

Are you a history fanatic? Then a visit to the National Museum of Colombo should be on your cards. The largest museum in Sri Lanka, it has a classic architectural design that is reminiscent of the Colonial era. Built in 1877, it displays many relics that hold a great historical significance such as the crown and thrones of the Kings of Sri Lanka.

Weekend events in Colombo are also a thing. Many clubs and hotels host events on Friday nights and Saturday nights with major names in the music industry headlining the events giving you an excellent atmosphere to sip your favourite beer and relax. Major events like the Colombo Jazz Festival and the Colombo Fashion Week are common occurrences so it is safe to say that Colombo’s nightlife will not disappoint.

For couples, places to visit in Colombo include the Galle Face. A 12 acre recreational park that is always bumbling with people, it is an excellent location for a picnic and an evening walk. It is also easy to access by both public and private transport and is in close proximity to good hotels like Yoho Inn Galle Road. it is also worth taking the time to visit Colombo’s only central park; the Viharamahadevi Park. Beautifully maintained, the oldest park in Colombo offers a play space for kids and the large area is also quite calming to stroll around. Did I also mention it’s one of the few places you can find candy floss nowadays?

If you have kids with you, the Planetarium in Colombo is one of the places to go! This night sky observation theatre is an excellent way to educate your kids while throwing in a bit of fun too and educates them on astronomy, space science and the night sky.

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