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Planning to go on a mini holiday this up coming long weekend? With Sri Lanka being the tropical island it is, a beach destination comes without saying! Chances are that if you pick a beach destination, there will be more than one coast to pick from! Today though, we will focus specifically on Mirissa for many reasons, including it’s magnificent beach. Keep reading to find out more.

Mirissa is perfect for a number of reasons. These include its breathtaking beaches, surf-worthy waves, whale watching, restaurant choices, bars and entertainment. It’s one of those beach destinations that you can take your time to reach, for example by train. Or for the fast and furious, via the E01 Southern Expressway. Mirissa has unlimited activities to partake in. Unless lying under a beach umbrella is your idea of a holiday! 

Where to stay?

When in Mirissa, opting to stay at a beach-front property is nothing short of mandatory. This gives you the best of sun, sea and sand or basically, your dream tropical vacation. There are many accommodation options available and you will be spoilt for choice with the number of hotels in Mirissa.

Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka is a small one. It can get very touristy and crowded with the warmest times being from March to May. The latter time period is perhaps the most perfect for an olive-burnt sun tan! Make sure to pick accommodation based on your budget. When in Mirissa for a longer stay, a guesthouse or beach cabana becomes an ideal choice. However, if you are in for a night or two and all you seek is some R&R, go all out at a star class hotel or boutique villa.

Things to do in Mirissa

To say that Mirissa has come a long way in its infrastructure development is an understatement. The city now has an increased number of restaurants, bars, cafes and entertainment attracting more tourists daily. While anyone in Mirissa will likely to be spoilt for choice, there are lots of locations that allow you to still enjoy sipping on king coconut or local beer. 

Here are some of our favourite things to do in Mirissa:

  • When travelling during season, whale watching in Mirissa is among the mandatory things to do in Mirissa. With the peak season being from December to April, prepare yourself to spot some blue and sperm whales in migration from Dondra point. Boat safaris start pretty early during the day but is all worth the while to see these beautiful marine mammals.
  • Mirissa is also a great place for surfing beginners and experts. With a few schools on the beach side, surfing in Sri Lankan beaches should be on your before 30 or 50 bucket lists.
  • The Secret Beach used to once be a secret but now most are aware of this hidden gem. With an abundance of wildlife around there are also many activities. Hence, while visiting the Secret Beach get ready to swim and snorkel or just realx and is possible and if you don’t want to do any just relax while sipping a drink.
  • Deep sea fishing is another must do activity for those who love fishing and have a few hours to spare. The activity will take around three to four hours as you delve deeper in to the waters in search of blue or black marlene and tuna. Fishin usually happens either in the mornings or late afternoons.
  • A massage at one of the many spas in Mirissa.
  • A few cocktails by the beach during sunset.
  • All you can eat seafood at the many restaurants, cafes and bistros. 
  • Chill on a hammock by a beach side bar or restaurant sipping on king coconut.
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Nastashia Ekanayake is a travel enthusiastic who enjoys travelling solo when budget and time permit. Having currently moved back to Sri Lanka, she functions as an administration professional by day and wanderer and foodie by night. She enjoys journaling her adventures, exploring the joys of Instagram and looking up her next travel destination.

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