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Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. And I totally agree with whoever said that. So, in this article, I’m going to focus on the stuff you can do just to have some fun. I mean sleeping in over the weekend is all well and good but you will never be this young ever again so take advantage of having an extra day this weekend and go overboard with the fun. Besides when you are all old and toothless as we’ll all be someday I’m sure we’ll appreciate the days we stepped out to the days we slept in!

It’s the Weekend!! So beast mode: ON

Everyone has stressful weeks be it at work, school, uni or even at home. Worry not, you can destress faster when you are allowed to actually shoot at people with guns and all. Head over to Predator Paintball located in Poorwarama Road, Wellawatte, right in the heart of Colombo. Divide up into teams and splatter your opponents. Use strategically placed bunkers for defensive strategy or take advantage of unique natural cover while maneuvering for an attack. Invite your source of stress and take it out in the field. Your team will be armed with paintball guns, masks, and 100 paintballs. Paintballs are water-soluble, biodegradable, and nontoxic. The field is child-friendly so all ages are welcome. Go ahead unleash the beast within. And come Monday, you can go about life stress-free.

Let’s roll baby! 

Excel World is a dying hulk of an amusement park, but the bowling alley within is still fun. Strikes is a 12-lane bowling alley that also serves food and drink.

It costs less than Rs. 500 per person, which is ten frames. You get to throw about 20 balls, more if you get strikes. A game is best played with four people, but you can get multiple lanes. Bonus fact, they serve beer after 5 PM, for Rs. 1,400 per pitcher

Strikes is a fun afternoon or evening out. The facilities aren’t top-notch, but you can play the game and enjoy yourself. Good for dates or family outings.

Drift ON not OFF

Located in Nawala, Rajagiriya Nitro Racing Colombo is the only RC off-road and on-road tracks and the largest hobby shop in Sri Lanka. They have the biggest selection of RC cars, monster trucks, buggies, drones, planes, helicopters, and more. They have a spacious and well laid-out outdoor dirt track with a pit area, a world-class on-road track, providing everything you need to experience the thrill of RC racing. Since Rc racing isn’t as popular in Sri Lanka yet NRC allows you to bring your own RC or rent. You can spend the evening racing speeding, drifting and breaking all the rules you would ideally have to follow in the streets of Sri Lanka. There’s a particular thrill in breaking rules don’t you think? Even if it’s only on the track..

Dive in and out of the weekend!!!

Take on the wrecks in Colombo, literally! We are talking about the underwater kind. For those who’d like an adventure without having to travel so much check out Island Scuba Diving. 

Explore the cargo holds of intact freighters, enjoy the color and fish life on coral-encrusted barges or discover history on WWI wrecks. With over 15 accessible wrecks within recreational diving depths, Colombo offers world-class wreck diving right off the city and in close proximity to the airport.

And if you like a change from wreck diving they have you covered with sandstone and rock reefs. Furthermore, their wrecks and reefs are teeming with marine life ranging in size from pipefish and nudibranchs to stingrays and whale sharks. 

Experience some of the best scuba diving in Sri Lanka, with all the amenities of a lively city, based out of a quiet, rustic bubble of beach-side calm amidst a busy commercial hub. To top it off you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy this underwater adventure. You just need to be able to swim. So suit up, and dive headfirst into the weekend.

The long weekend is here. So enjoy. After all, life is made up of memories. So head over to Colombo and use this long weekend to make new friends, experiences, and memories

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