How to Travel Like a Millionaire…On a Budget 0 163

How to Travel Like a Millionaire…On a Budget 0 164


It is the dream, isn’t it? A private jet to a private paradise anywhere in the world, anytime. Speculation is that this is how millionaires travel around, and in reality, they probably do.

But for us mere mortals, is dreaming of travelling like a millionaire a far-fetched thought? Not if you plan your next trip carefully. Because luxury travel is entirely possible, even on a shoestring budget. Many countries remain highly accessible despite being global tourism hotspots, thanks to their currency value. For example, your Sri Lanka trip budget will easily allow you to experience high profile stays and adventures without running the risk of running your pockets dry.

Here’s how to turn budgeted millionaire travel into a kickass possibility:

Travel in the off-season

An off-season means lesser tourists vying for accommodation and tour packages, thereby rapidly decreasing the demand. Therefore, it is quite easy to land a stay at a luxurious hotel or book a journey for considerably lesser price. A suite at a top notch hotel might be out of your league, but in the off-season, its fare will likely drop down by 60-70% in most cases.

Travel in groups

A great way to ditch any compromise with your accommodation is to travel in large numbers and book a large, luxurious stay. After all, hotels and accommodations are an integral part of any vacation, and millionaires only rent the best ones. Staying with friends will allow you to forget booking many economical rooms and opt for a grand suite in any of the best hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka! You can also book a grand villa for all, such as this one. Not only will you enjoy an upgrade in the services and the views, but the entire bill will also be shared amongst everyone. The more, the merrier!

Try private charter flights and yachts

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is entirely possible to travel around like a millionaire – in a private charter plane or a yacht! While the nominal price might be considerably out of your reach, it’s always worth checking out last minute private charter flights which drop prices by as much as 90% to fill up the remaining seats! In Sri Lanka, Air Cinnamon offers private flights in as low as $150-250. Another great option when with friends and family is renting out a luxury yacht for as low as $500 per day. Remember, the final price will be split and will be more than worth it!

Get a travel rewards credit card

If you are a frequent traveller, then getting one of those fancy travel miles credit cards will allow you to enjoy a host of benefits. As you rack up the miles and points, you get various rewards, discounts, upgrades and perks in everything, including hotels, flights, stays, etc.

Eat out but with a plan

Don’t give up on luxury food and high-end restaurants. Websites like Groupon and other local ones gave amazing coupons that will help you bag a great meal at a wonderful discount. Another way to savour great food, if you are on a long stay, is to possibly hire a local chef, provide all the ingredients, and let him or her work some culinary magic!

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