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How to Save While you Travel 0 165

We all love to travel but more often than not, time and money might not be on our side. But still we crave travel, obviously and wonder how travel bloggers do this all the time. But the question is how? Is it to have smart picks, different priorities and making effective plans to save money?

So for all you travel enthusiasts out there, here are a few tips and tricks to save during travel.

Before You Travel

  • When travelling overseas, travel during off season because airfare and accommodation will be relatively cheaper. Of course this means you might get caught to some bad weather, but what is a bit of rain when compared to cheap tickets?
  • Book your air tickets online via websites such as Skyscanner, Tejwal, Expedia and Cleartrip and keep an eye out on local travel agent websites too. Just to be sure, do crosscheck via the websites (and the airline site) to book the cheapest flight available. Sometimes a subscription to these sites also gives you a heads up on great deals!
  • For deals on hotels and airfare, also be sure to check with your credit card to see what they have to offer both season and off season.
  • Always pick your overseas travel on weekdays when it’s cheaper and avoid weekends flights.
  • Join a frequent flyer programme because assuming you do fly a certain airline often, not only would you accumulate points but you would also be entitled to a free ticket!
  • Hotel reward programmes such as Hilton Honours, Ibis Le Club AccorHotels programme and similar hotel chains offer rewards for great discounts for members and more often than not, they have a few hotels located world over.
  • Look out for deals on accommodation. There is a variety to choose from including home rentals from Airbnb and online travel agents such as and Agoda. However, always ensure that you keep in mind the tax you pay in addition to the cost of the room and the amenities you are entitled to. When you book with us on Yoho Bed, not only do we guarantee you a net rate on the website but we also ensure that your accommodation promises clean linen, clean bathrooms, free WiFi, television and free breakfast.
  • If you are on a tight budget, scan your ideal holiday destination for hostels and home stays. You’ll be surprised at not only how great your shared space would be but also amazed at the facilities they offer.
  • If you are visiting certain tourist attraction do some research to see if you can buy tickets online. Not only will you save time waiting in line while at the site but there might also be a small discount in some cases! 

While on Holiday

  • Speak to locals for tips, best places to eat and places of interest that have no admit cost.
  • If you are student or have a valid student ID, some attractions and landmarks will have special priced entrance tickets.
  • Do also browse through a country’s or city’s tourism website beforehand. Most sites (if updated) will speak of an open day for free entry or special discounts on certain days. Did you also know that booking online can also save money and time?
  • Most European countries have 24 to 48 hrs passes where you pay only the cost of the card and get free entry and discounts to some historical places, museums, cafes and even public transportation. The Innsbruck Card in Austria and Iamsterdam card in Amsterdam, Netherlands are examples of these passes.
  • When travelling city to city or country to country sleep while you travel so you get your rest and you don’t waste time sleeping at your accommodation! 
  • When it comes to transport rent a bike and blend in with the locals or walk much as you can. This means you not only get great views but will also give you enough freedom to take many pictures!
  • Browse through streets, public spaces and local markets for fun (and free!) activities.
  • Take a bath in the sea, river or waterfall as this maybe different experience when you travel. This is a great outdoor activity especially if you are camping!

Food can be tricky but of course if you think ahead there are many ways you can save:

  • If you are staying at a hotel try to book for a room plus breakfast. Depending on how large the breakfast spread is or how much you can eat, you can even skip lunch!
  • Have a picnic with some supermarket buys
  • Eat street food – it is very cheap especially in Asia
  • Try local cuisine 
  • Eat at outdoor vendors or food carts
  • Carry a refillable water bottle
  • Avoid junk food and make your own snacks to go.

Some of these tips are great for both international and local travel. Let us know what your money saving tips are.

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Nastashia Ekanayake is a travel enthusiastic who enjoys travelling solo when budget and time permit. Having currently moved back to Sri Lanka, she functions as an administration professional by day and wanderer and foodie by night. She enjoys journaling her adventures, exploring the joys of Instagram and looking up her next travel destination.

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