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How to Make Friends in Hostels 0 309

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If you value friendship, camaraderie and informality then hostel accommodation is definitely for you. As a matter of fact, today most hostels, apart from the cheap pricing, are pretty cool places to hang out. Having said that Sri Lanka hostels are no exception.

In a hostel, you would meet many solo travellers, who are glad to chat, share a meal or have a beer. In reality, when you are sharing a room with someone you don’t know, the best way to make friends is to talk with them.

When checking into a hostel the point to remember is, you share many things in common with everyone around you. For starters, you all are exploring a new destination, attractions and more. Best of all, you all share a passion for travel while being thrifty. Afterall, a hostel is, without doubt, a great place to make friends in Sri Lanka.

Here are a few tips we would suggest in order to make friends in a hostel.  

Get To Know Hostel Staff

Generally, hostels employ chatty people, so you can start by asking for some authentic local travel advice from them. In most instances, guidebooks only provide a certain degree of information. Without a doubt, the hostel staff could be a good source to unearth information. For example, they can guide you about local travel hotspots pertaining to the location you are staying.

Hang-out More in Common Areas

Don’t just stay put on your bed all the time. Frequent common areas like bar, kitchen or TV lounge as a means of being sociable. Here, you might meet like-minded people who probably would join you for an interesting escapade, at a later date. Moreover, being seen in the communal area is a signal to others that you are being friendly.

Share Stories

Chances are everyone has a story to tell. Regardless, start by sharing your experiences with your fellow roommates. In fact, it could be simple as a quick breakfast tip or an experience you encountered while learning to fish. In reality, people love stories. Period. Generally, in most hostels breakfast is on the house, so wake up early to be part of the of the communal chatter.

Be Part of Group Activities

You could be travelling in a group or solo, however, it makes sense to be part of the gang. For instance, this is when group activities count. Thus, partnering in such activities helps you to bond with other hostelers easily. Accordingly, it could be a game like truth or dare, or a visit to a local pub. Therefore, to be seen as a friendly person suggest you join the fun.  

Never Be Gender-Biased

In a hostel, there will be travellers belonging to all genders. If you are a female most probably you will share a dorm with guys as well. Obviously, this cannot be avoided. In such a situation don’t always keep contact with your gender. All in all be friendly with everyone and sound genuine. In any situation a simple sentence like “Hi I am Ashley from England, where are you from”? would do wonders to break the ice.  

Organise Your Event

Put-up a few posters in common areas of the hostel inviting fellow hostelers to an event curated by you. Eventually, it could be a visit to a turtle hatchery nearby or a photo session to catch the sunset. By all means, chat with people about this event and make it interesting for others to join you.

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