Hotel Room Nightmares you want to Avoid 0 249

Hotel Room Nightmares you want to Avoid 0 250

You put on your top investigator impression and comb through the Internet and every possible review site to find an amazing deal before you book your next holiday stay – you’re stuck between choosing a fancy hotel that causes you a serious case of stress or a cheap place that might ruin the entire holiday because, hello middle-class life!

But after 800 years of Internet surfing you find the perfect option that fits your budget! Woot! You pack your bags, pick up your camera, put on your carefully chosen Instagram approved travel outfit and reach your perfect holiday nook only to realise that it is as ‘cheap’ as its rates!

Your room looks hot and musty with zero character. What seemed like an amazing deal materialises to be your worst hotel-room nightmare and here are some sure signs that it just might be so. 

Stained Bedsheets

Probably one thing we all loathe in a hotel room is stained sheets and creaking mattresses. Bye bye cosy good night sleep!

Dirty Bathrooms

Stains in the commode, broken taps with a water pressure that functions according to its own moods, dirty towels and blinking lights for a ‘paranormal activity’ vibe is not the scenario you want during a holiday. So much for those nice and long showers that leaves you smelling like a fresh lemon you envisioned!

Faulty Air-Conditioner

You get one of the only few rooms in the hotel with an AC and you think to yourself you can at least enjoy some chilly air. But it makes sounds of a grumpy dragon for a good few minutes before it sputters and dies a sad death.

Old TV or No TV

The room you imagined to be your safe haven from the hustle of your routine life either has completely cut you off from the world or offers you a TV set worthy enough to be in an electronics museum – no favourite TV show tonight!

Budget-friendly travel doesn’t always have to be cheap experiences though. At Yoho Bed our quality guarantee aims to ensure you never experience the above during your stay. Say bye to hotel room nightmares and say hello to unique ‘bed-experiences’ with additional comforts such as free WiFi and complimentary breakfast when you stay with Yoho Bed.

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