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Sri Lanka has a number of holidays a year and when it comes to travelling around the country during these holidays there can be ups and downs.

As a majority Buddhist country full moon Poya full moon days mean that shops, restaurants and bars being closed. If it’s a holiday season like the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, then it is best you have a stock of extras under the cupboard. By law, hotels are not allowed to serve alcohol either. However on the other hand, public holiday season is great as most hotels provide discounts and unbeatable offers during this time.

But if you are looking for something different and a whole new experience, why not try out a home stay? There was a time when the safety, comfort and risk of home stays was questioned however, with its growing popularity, reviews and recommendations from tourists these have changed in time. Home stays are affordable and great for budget travellers. One of the best things about home stays is being able to get first-hand information about town from the home owners, be treated to the best of Sri Lankan hospitality and even indulge in some great homemade food.

If you have a particularly long holiday coming up (a Friday or Monday holiday ideally) Polonnaruwa is a must-see location. Despite being approximately 228km from Colombo it is home to one of the greatest kingdoms in the history of Sri Lanka. Two of the best things about Polonnaruwa is that the Central Cultural Fund has not only done its maximum to ensure the conservation and preservation of the city but the sightseeing locations are open all year round. The city was the second ancient kingdom of the country and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Entrance to the Archeological Museum is around LKR 20 for local adults and for foreigners it costs approximately LKR 3,500 that is inclusive of the ruins and temples. It is also recommended that you visit the Museum to educate yourself before heading to the ruins. To end the day, the sunset at Parakrama Samudraya is picture perfect and you can catch a few snoozes at Yoho Church Road that is located in close proximity.

Another great weekend or Poya day getaway is to Nuwara Eliya or Little England. Surrounded by mountains, tea plantations and colonial architecture it is by far one of the most popular holiday locations in the country among locals and foreigners. The chilly weather is a great way to spend quality time with your love ones with hot cuppa pure Ceylon tea. Our homestay at Yoho Shanthipuara Road will ensure some great local hospitality and the privilege of having fresh produce from the area converted to mouthwatering meals.

Home stays are very affordable and an ideal accommodation option when travelling on budget and  not only does it give you a chance to bask in local hospitality but also be treated to some fresh home cook meals courtesy the home owners.

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Nastashia Ekanayake is a travel enthusiastic who enjoys travelling solo when budget and time permit. Having currently moved back to Sri Lanka, she functions as an administration professional by day and wanderer and foodie by night. She enjoys journaling her adventures, exploring the joys of Instagram and looking up her next travel destination.

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