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The corona virus has been successfully bringing down countries and their economies one after the other since December 2019. With much emphasis being given to the closing down of companies, schools, universities and hostels indefinitely. This results in a complete change in lifestyle for families and especially for those who are now forced to work remotely.

 While the first few days were okay once all the panic buying family time, and catching up with neighbors are over we are now stuck with being at home indefinitely. While working remotely is the safest option we have it also means kids running around disturbing work calls and meetings on zoom. Multiple people using the Wi-Fi connection means that runs out pretty fast too. For some remote working means having a kid strapped to the side while making important team decisions via a phone call and picking up clothes lying around the at the same time. It seems like endless days of breaking sibling fights, cleaning up the hall that somehow dirties faster now that everyone is home, attending to the dietary/emotional needs of everyone at home, talking over loud voices just so your team from office can hear you while trying to keep your head, and not let it affect your work. If you are in finance and have to deal with number crunching or a creative in marketing or perhaps any job that is customer facing this could be extremely difficult for you.

  According to experts’ “not having a systematic approach when working from home could possibly lead to a decrease in productivity” and let’s be honest with ourselves, it is difficult to have a systematic approach to anything when there’s a house full of kids running around. It is also a well-known fact that being at the same place over long periods of time with the same people can have tempers running short and wild. 

Let’s get this out of the way. Following all the DIYs on working from home by some self-made guru in the west could be as difficult as tidying up the bedroom while trying to crack the code to the newest IT development that your company is looking at. For example, “tidy up your office room every day before you start work” hello?? in Sri Lanka our dining room or living room doubles up as our office space. Also, none of us can afford to dress up like as if we were going to work in this heat.

If you think it’s just not working out you could always opt to working at the closest coffee shop but you’ll have to begin with sanitizing the table and chair/couch and also deal with dirty looks given by the waiters cuz they probably have to keep the place running for just one customer who only bought one coffee and perhaps a croissant, YOU. Also due to having too much time in their hands they probably ate into the free Wi-Fi the place promises. 

 What if you had a place reserved for you every day, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m? What you don’t have to “pretend” to go to work? What if you have the office cabin you wished for at work only with so much more? By more we mean an air-conditioned room, with your own work space with tv, bed, and attached washroom. What’s more you don’t have to fight with the regular office johnny for the air-con remote. Yes, this is remote-working paradise brought to you by Yoho… Introducing Yoho – Work Bed.

 The package only gets better, because, you don’t have to worry about hygiene because we have extended the Yoho promise to include rooms that are sanitized just for you. Door knobs, air conditioner and tv remotes, shower heads all cleaned with alcohol-based sanitizers. AND free 5Gb of Wi-Fi a day. All this for LKR 4000 a day on wards. If you have the same complications that we do with remote working remember that you aren’t alone. Hurry up with the bookings as only limited rooms are available for a quiet, clean and comfortable work space with free 5Gb of Wi-Fi to boot.

Given the situation, we advise you to opt to pay online to reduce as much human interaction as humanely possible. Check out your options by downloading the Yoho Bed App available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store or call 0117344444. Hurry up only limited rooms available.

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