Happy New Year from Us to You 0 172

Happy New Year from Us to You 0 173

New Year, new travel goals? The Sri Lankan calendar counts over hundred holidays (with weekends) for the 2018 calendar year and guess we all know what that means – more vacations!

The great thing about travelling in Sri Lanka is the array of accommodation options available in the country. You don’t always have to always lodge at fancy villas. Why not grab a few of your best buds and check out a hostel in the city for less than $6? On the other hand if you want to maintain a balance between luxury and budget, why not book a first class train ride to Jaffna and stay at Yoho Till?

These are just a few suggestions from us to you to help you get started with your trip planning. Here’s us wishing you a very happy new year filled with adventure and new memories!

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